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Beam Me Up # 425 The Final Question con. Asimov + The 2014 Darwin Awards!




This week on Beam Me Up – episode 425 – after my opening comments, I play the first of two music selections. This week, Monochrome Kiss by SID. Interesting selection from the world of Anime.

Next up is an article that you could say I used as a model for this week’s program.  The article in question is the top six places of the Darwin award followed straight away by a fast piece of music from BECCA called appropriately enough “I’m Alive!” the closing theme to the anime series “Black Butler”.

On the blog front, Kallamus joins us for his review of the Marvel series Agents of Shield.  His next review Brick Mansion doesn’t miss a step and

Running out of time, I finish this weeks program with the final chapters to Isaac Asimov’s “The Final Question”

And that is Beam Me Up episode 425  I hope you enjoy the program

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Beam Me Up #424 Asimov, Juby, anime review etc.

Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov








My opening comment for episode 424 I speak in part about Dremel’s new 3d printer, I welcome a new contributor to Beam Me Up. Plus I speak about the OSIRIS-REx Mission of putting a lander on an asteroid in 2016 plus Maven has done an insertion burn for it’s prelim orbit.

My musical selection for the afternoon is BNL’s “The Big Bang”

I speak briefly about Isaac Asimov and John Campbell as their work  together.  This week chapter four of “The Last Question”

I read  the intro from (“my anime guy”) better known as “Mebbles”  which he posted on the blog.  Mebbles also has some favorite anime music of which I play a selection.  For my part, I mention a couple of  series  that I have have enjoyed over the past few months.

Next on the agenda is chapter 4 of the “Last Question” by Isaac Asimov.

I read “Meebles” introduction letter. (he should prove to be an excellent addition to the staff) plus he includes a fun url for his favorite anime music which I just can’t resist!

I talk about a couple of anime series that I just finished watching.

Kalimus posts a review of Asylum productions newest outing z Nation.

I talk about Dremel’s newest printer which is an affordable 3d printer and how it reminded me of a story by Cory Doctorow.

My final story  Tiny Leon and his Wee adventure by Michael Juby.

Hope you enjoy the program.  Thanks for listening.

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Beam Me Up # 423 – Asimov, CrystalWizard,review of The Machine











Here we go for another week – It’s episode 423 of Beam Me Up!

I open with Eat Dreams which is a remix of Eurythmics music and commercials audio.

Next is a milestone update for the rover Curiosity plus NASA’s next gen of heavy lift rocket that will ferry astronauts and cargo  anywhere from low Earth orbit to Mars or beyond.

The first story for the afternoon is The Last Question chapter 3 by Asimov.

From the BMU blog: First a review of the British SF movie “The Machine”

A look at the next Batmobile, the argument of can a person or country “own” asteroids or other heavenly bodies?  Can you brew in space? Did Nicaragua get slammed by a piece off low flying asteroid?

And chapter 3 of book one of CrystalWizard’s Wizard’s Bane is the final story for the afternoon.

Enjoy and thanks for listening!

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Beam Me UP #422 Juby, Asimov + nearby Supernova

Michael Juby

Michael Juby









This week’s episode (422)of Beam Me Up, my opening comments contain
information on odd happenings with cube sat launches as well as near
passes of a just discovered asteroid.

I end the the opening section with the opening theme music from the
anime series Durarara!!

The first story of the afternoon is Phillippe and His Rather Boring  Time Travel (pt1) by Michael Juby.

This week from the Beam Me Up – Google wants to create sentient robots
and to that end are working on quantum computer chips.

Chandra observes one of the closest 1a supernovas in decades.
Spitzer space telescope has observed a large asteroid collision.
Will Robots of the future be mercy killers?

The final story this week is part two (ch 2+3) of Isaac Asimov’s The
Last Question.


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Beam Me Up #421 Asimov,phyland, Spiderman, New Horizon and more

Kevin J. Phyland

Kevin J. Phyland






in episode 421 of Beam Me Up….

The first offering is the closing theme to the anime series “Wagnaria”

The first story is Kevin J. Phyland’s  “Famine”

From the first story to the Beam Me Up blog – I start with a brief  review of “The amazing Spiderman II”.  What does space smell like?

Astronomers studying the dust cloud surrounding the Milkyway’s core known as Sagittarius 2  have discovered even more complex smells.  New Horizon has set yet another milestone in its quest to do a fly by of Pluto in 2015. A college  student does another student a solid by designing and printing a much needed device.  That and more, from the blog.

Finally from Isaac Asimov, “The Final Question” part 1


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Beam Me Up #420 Crystalwizard, Hilton, Spiderwoman & Quantum Cats










Welcome to episode 420 of Beam Me Up. Not a bad episode this week. I think the odds are good that you just might enjoy the trip.

I do have opening comments this week of sorts, but find myself reviewing Rio 2. The review is a bit off the cuff, however I think I nail it.

My first offering this afternoon is the first opening theme to the anime series Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple anime series.

From there, before the first story of the afternoon, I found a really good TED science talk concerning quantum entanglement that I put on the blog, but ultimately thought it would make a great

intermediate piece (and that way it gets played even if I go long on the blog)

The first story this week is a tongue in cheek tale “Don’t Trust Venusian Mushrooms” by Doug Hilton.

From the Beam Me Up blog ( I just found out that there is to be a new Spiderwoman series, which will be out in November. The alternate cover is however rising a bit of ire for content. I do have a copy of this cover on the blog.

Oh and controversy is not just for Spiderwoman, my comic book guy tells me that weirdness is happening with the Thor series and Captain America….

NASA has been working with a very interesting aircraft that has some very interesting technology.

There are many more articles on the blog, but I really wanted to make sure that I got chapter two part two of Crystalwizard’s “Wizard’s Bane” on this week.

And that does it for this week and episode 420. Thanks for listening.

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Beam Me Up # 419 Science, reviews + stories by Jason Kahn + David Scholes

Jason Kahn

Jason Kahn








In my opening comments I talk about “Future Diary” an excellent anime series all so I can play the opening theme for same!

Next a review of “RIO pt2″ in short, calling it a turd is doing it a favor.

I always like the week where I get to run another episode of IPS.

This week Episode 28 of In Plain Sight written and narrated by Jason Kahn, 28th months from the talented Mr. Kahn 2 and 1/3 years and he is still going strong.  I honestly hope he decides to compile these great stories into an ebook, that would be so great!

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has again spotted something on Titan of  scientific interest.  Plus some trivia on Titan.

It is no surprise that I really like the concept of 3d printers.  Now that they are becoming affordable and easy to operate, the are becoming much more prevalent, even NASA is taking up the reigns for the devices.

And catch up on the darkest material yet…it’s wild!

And the final story for the afternoon is “Even a Non-Corporeal Can Get  Lonely by David Scholes

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Beam Me Up #418 Double Down on Dublee pt2- Michael Juby



Well, what do you know, Beam Me Up is in da houuuuuuse!

After my opening comments I play a piece of audio called the speed of dark which is brilliant in it’s explanation of the opposite of lightspeed…

Next is a cut piece of music.  It comes from the closing music of the anime series “The Devil is a partimer”

next is the rendezvous of the craft Rosetta as after 10 years has finally caught comet Chury

The final offering this week is the conclusion of Chury called “Double Down on Double by Michael Juby.


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Beam Me Up # 417 News, Music + pt1 Doubling Down On Dublee – Michael Juby



In this week’s opening comments, I marvel at what it takes to get an  automated craft to the outer planets, this was in reaction to the upcoming flyby of Pluto and the ESA craft that is fast closing on it’s  target comet and marveling at the time and effort that both experiments have had to undergo just to finish their tasks!

I break this flow with a really good music track “collide”. The music  itself is a great deal of fun but the strange baseball challenge that this cut is playing to is even more fun.  Podcast yes, but do take a  trip over to the blog @  I often don’t get a chance to read all the articles I have planned, so this would be a  good reason to take a jaunt over there.

Before I start with this week’s story, I take my own advice and go  looking for highlights on this week’s blog.

I make the suggestion to check out this month’s sky sighting over at for planets, moon phases and other planetary events.

After reading an article by Jesus Diaz writing for Gizmodo, was marveling at an astronaut floating 200 miles above the planet and I start a conversation of just this sort of amazing eye opener.

The Mars 2020 rover is getting interest and therefor a bit more news,  and news about the worlds largest rocket lifting platform.

Finally, part one of Michael Jube’s Doubling Down on Dublee

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Beam Me Up #416 In Plain Sight #27 – Kahn + Skipping Stones – Miller

Devin Miller`

Devin Miller`







My opening comments this week is pointing out some of the thing I like to do that used to be common on the radio and now we hardly hear of any of that.  Along those lines I spend time describing what makes Beam Me Up work.

The program proper starts with music:  Fight or Flight by Yu Kobiyashi (spell…:( )

Next Jason Kahn’s In Plain Sight episode 27 of the Dark Inspector / In Plain Sight following psyic detective Jack Garrett on New Eden.

Over at the blog  – recent discoveries of hot Jupiter like planets have thrown how planets form  into flux.  This touched a side conversation concerning the incomprehensible distance some of these planets are!

NASA wants private industry to think about doing sat comm for the NASA rovers.

The Voyager argument has once again raised the argument

The final story for the week is Skipping Stones by Devin Miller

Good stories and interesting articles.  Hope you enjoy.



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