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It is with great sadness that we have to announce the passing of Paul Cole, host of the Beam Me UP! podcast and radio show. Paul did wonders for the world of science fiction and he will be sorely missed. You can find his obituary online here:

Even though there will be no more new content added to this site, as long as the authors wish to have their work available here, it will remain. Anyone wishing to contact the site admin can do so by emailing

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Beam Me Up episode 485 is now online.

Two stories are available this episode.
The first is by a new author to BMU  To Watch the Storms by J.D. Byrnes.

And  Johnny’s Last Affair by Doug Hilton.

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David Scholes

In episode 483 – my first song is a toe tapper from the Kongos called Come With Me Now. In a break with the past, I play two back to back tracks.  My second is a cut from Bruno Mars called Can’t Believe it Just Rang.

 My first story is by David Scholes called Return of the Benefactor.
In articles, researchers are trying to perfect food production using waste products.
The last story is a flash from the past. Thus it is another episode in Poul Anderson story Inside Earth.

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Harris Tobias

Welcome to Beam Me Up episode 482. This week I start by playing a song selection, after which I read Harris Tobias’ the Word Maker. From there I head over to the Beam Me Up blog to read some of the most recent articles.

 Finally, in my “flash from the past” segment, I play part 3 of Poul Anderson’s story Inside Earth.

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Poul Anderson






This week on Beam Me Up, episode 481, Ron Huber heads up the program with a reading of a David Scholes short story.

Next I summarize articles from the Beam Me Up blog (

I finish off the program with part two of Poul Anderson’s Inside Earth.


Download episode 481

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This episode I start reading Poul Anderson’s story “Inside Earth”.  This episode contains part 1.


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David Scholes

This week for episode 479, after a short musical interlude, I spend some time on the Beam Me Up blog with articles like the age of the Moon, a loss in the historical NASA astronaut crew and the Air Force’s x37b space plane is due to set new records in mission length.

Finally I read a short story.


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David Sholes

David Sholes




I start this week with a story from David Scholes called Other Side the I mistakenly call Reincarnation, it’s good no matter what the case.

From the blog, it would seem that Germany’s fusion reactor works! David has a story collection available on Amazon. Pluto has structures similar to ice pressure ridges but on a truly vast scale.

Finally I play David’s Urban Pacifiers, which is a really great short tale.




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Vaughan Stanger






Episode 477 centers around a nice story, Stars in Her Eyes, by Vaughn Stanger which I run in the last half of the program.

 Articles this program included a heart felt good-by to John Glenn, books that may have changed the science fiction landscape and speaking of landscapes, in Cassini’s final year, the probe will make many new close approaches to Saturn’s major moon Titan which it will record as well as many of the inner rings which has been slated for the probe to dive through. This goes on until September of 2017, at which time it has been programmed to Saturn’s cloud tops.

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Tristen Fernie

Tristen Fernie

I  start  with a short story from Dave called Urban Pacifiers which asks the question “What and who will future police be like in the distant future?”
For articles: Marvel has some plans for the end of 2017,  the most recent NASA/ISS crew is due to set some longevity records.
The last short story is a most unusual invasion tale by new contributor  Tristan Fernie called “The Future Happened While We Stared At Our Phones”

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Colin P. Davies

Colin P. Davies









Well, I Ttttttttttttttought I had posted the podcast.

Anyway, I wanted to get the Halloween episode 475 which

has more music and Colin Davies story Happy Halloween

with an absolutely fantastic production by Crystal Wizard.


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