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Beam Me Up #462 Accidental Death – Peter Bailey


In episode 462 the main story is Accidental Death, a bit of a “flash from the past” from author Peter Bailey.

News from the blog: first off from Kallamus is comments on the Chronicles of Shinara and Star Trek. Next are my observations on “Space 1999” plus where they can play a behind the scenes short, this concerning the intricate modeling of the ships that was done.  Next, with new detectors, it may be within scientists’ reach to observe gravity Waves.

Has the 9th planet truly been discovered?

Carole sent in photos of folks that will most likely be future inductees into the Darwin Awards list.

That about ties it up for another episode.  I hope you enjoy the podcast.



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Beam Me Up #461 – There Will Not Be Time – David Scholes + blog articles + more

David Scholes

David Scholes






This week on episode 461 of Beam Me Up I play a short story from David Scholes at a quarter to the hour – called, There Will Not Be Time.  One of the oddest tales  of Time Travel since I read Poul Anderson’s Tau Zero. David is strutting his stuff with this one.  Tightly written, terse plot and even though nothing moves, a great  deal of action.  Can you tell I liked it?

From the Beam Me Up blog:

It may be possible to see black holes with little more than  an 8″ optical telescope!

SpaceX reports that the recent launch and return landing of it’s Falcon 9 booster showed no ill effects and in founder Elon Musk’s words “ready to fire again!”

I review the animated feature Inside Out.  Very cute if a bit intense at times.

The question has been posited…How big was the universe before the Big Bang?  Any bets, some might start to drool just thinking about this one!

Kallamis gives us “I just couldn’t resist” and it is FUN NY”

Plus a few other fill ins.  Enjoy!


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Beam Me Up #460 Tugship – Russell Hemmell




Beam Me Up 460!

I honestly thought it was going to be a run of the mill, but I think it turned out kinda nice.

For the most part there is a whole lot of bitchin but in Kal and me but for different reason but with Ron Huber.

I lead off with  a possible LHC particle find.  Possible is as far as I am going to take it in the show description.

Next is a none too restrained Kallamis.  Kall let fly on the BMU blog with a run on comment concerning Star Wars and J.J. Abrams that is so harsh and funny, it is worth the price of  admission, as the old-time carnival barkers would say.

Ron comes up with a crackerjack find with Canada joining efforts to bring back to Earth a piece of asteroid Bennu.  There are many reasons why this particular asteroid was chosen – but lets save it for the blog or the podcast.

Oh and if you haven’t read about Woodland NC and a proposed solar power station you have some truly (dare I say it) either backwater or pure redneck.

Finally a new author for Beam Me Up    Russell Hemmell with his story Tugship

I hope you enjoy the program…

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Beam Me Up #459 VR Traveler – Scholes + Strange Side – Ortiz


brayan ortiz






I start off episode 459 by talking about assumption made about the possibility of life elsewhere in the Universe.

I play Chris Hadfields version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity.

I review the animated movie Home and the live action film
America Ultra.

The first story of the afternoon is a short by David Scholes and read by Ron Huber called Virtual Reality Traveling.

The last story is The Strange Side by Brayan Ortiz.








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Beam Me Up #458 w/In Plain Sight #36 – Jason Kahn


jason kahn 3






I start off episode 458 with observations concerning stupid questions and even stupider answers by the political pundits vying for the office of the

My musical selection was A Glorious Dawn by Symphony of Science.

From the Beam Me Up blog  a couple of
new planets have been discovered, but don’t look for either to be life bearing.

I review “Terminator Genisis”

And close with episode 36 of Jason Kahn’s In Plain Sight

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Beam Me Up #457 – Captain Quazer – Fowler

milo james fowler

milo james fowler









episode 457 begins with a short discussion of the
ISS which segways into observations of Mars before
I take a short musical break with music frm

After the break I continue with a bit more Mars

I then discuss an article concerning the great work
that the probe Cassini is still doing around Saturn.

The final selection for the afternoon is Captain
Quazer by Milo James Fowler

















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Beam Me Up Podcast #456 Happy Halloween – Scholes

Colin P. Davies

Colin P. Davies









Episode 456 was my Halloween episode which always incorporates Colin P, Davies’ classic tale Happy Halloween narrated by Kelly better known as Crystal Wizard.  I absolutely love this story which has a masterful twist at the end.

The first story is a treat as we don’t get to have stories narrated by Ron Huber.  The story is called the Benefactor written by David K. Scholes.

I start however with the movie Vice.  With Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane among others.

You can download, or simply play the episode by selecting HERE

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Beam Me Up #454 That one job in Beijing – D. Doskocil

Dayna Doskocil

Dayna Doskocil

Listen to this episode








I think we should call this episode: a Premier episode,  since our wonderful story by Dayna Doskocil is her very first offering.  I am honored to have the first story from what I feel you will be in agreement that Dayna is a very talented author.

From the blog and elsewhere –  a woman flies a fighter jet with only her mind!  Flowing water on Mars.  India’s space telescope? Who knew!


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Beam Me Up #453 Quest – Muzz – Echo – Alexandra-Grunberg

Alexandra Grunberg

Alexandra Grunberg







I start with a short talk on NASA for all intents selling off crucial and essential facilities.

Then I am off with a piece of music that could be considered a true birds on a wire.

Then it is off to the first story of the day – Quest by Muzz

Back to the blog I found that the Hugos were out.  However the mood was so negative that
the unthinkable.  I will let you listen to uncover the absolute the total weirdness that was
the 2015 Hugo awards.

I once again have the opportunity to speak about black holes and pocket universes.

The blog:  Sci-Fi Storm gets the down and dirty on some of the shows that did not make the cut.

But the Sci-Fi channel is well on its way to producing some classic science fiction of the past
few years.

Lastly our last story Echo by Alexandra-Grunberg

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Beam Me Up #452 IPS #35-Kahn + Child Soldier – J.W. Alden


jw alden






Episode 452! Wow! I am constantly amazed that the episodes keep coming out to 1 hour.  I keep thinking….it’s going to be late…it’s going to be late and as luck would have it, they come out on time.

My initial offering deals with the SF horror genre taking a major hit this week. two new stories, plus additional material from the blog.

After the opening monologue  I give us a taste of Blue Oyster.

Then the first story for the program, In Plain Sight episode #35 and the weirdness is starting to build for our favorite psychic detective Jack Garrett.

Next is a trip through the newest listings on the Beam Me Up blog – Like a rather “twisted” end to a Long March engine, or the research that may shore up the argument that Black Holes may indeed “evaporate”.

finally it is the second story for the afternoon.  Child Soldier by J. Alden.


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