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Beam Me Up #403 Mad World – Giles + Happy Ending – Jim Kelly

Dean Giles

Dean Giles









Welcome to BMU episode 403.

After my opening comments I start by playing the opening music to the great anime series East of Eden.

Then from the Beam Me Up Blog:

Twins in Space! or what does a 16 year old genius do in his spare time…why he builds prosthetic devices that’s what!  Marty McFly’s board possible?

Next part one of Dean Giles “Mad World”

Outer Space smells like a barbecue?  And how about some Star Trek trivia?

Then the story “Happy Ending”  by James Kelly

That the show.  How you enjoy


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Beam Me Up #402 Becomming Martian – Hilton + By His Things: con…Doctorow



Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow








Well here we are with Beam Me Up episode 402.  Lets get on to getting on!  after my opening monologue I play the full version of Barenaked Ladies song “The Big Bang”

My first story is the conclusion of Cory Doctorows short story “By his things yea shall know him”

From the Beam Me Up blog, A precousous 16 year old builds a prosthetic hand on his home computer and 3D printer and gave it to a neighbor’s child who had been born without a complete hand.

NASA plans to work with a pair of twins in a year long study.

And the second story is Becomming Martian by Doug Hilton

Enjoy, sorry for the delay.

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Beam Me Up #401 James Blish’s One Shot

James Blish

James Blish








Beam Me Up episode 401!  First off, I should apologize.  There is a bit of static at the beginning as I recorded this episode off air….

So…after my opening remarks and a short musical interlude, I head over to the Beam Me Up blog for a few articles about a new British SF due out soon, called the Machine.  Fossils of possibly the largest
land going carnivore. NASA has plans for a future visit to Jupiter’s moon Europa.  I talk about a short that I have on the blog of some of the behind the scenes on the set of the award winning “Gravity”.

Finally a flash from the past with a librivox reading of James Blish’s short story “One Shot”

It’s a quick hour, thanks for listening.

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Beam Me Up # 400 Jason Kahn – In Plain Sight + By His Thing..pt2 – Cory Docorow

Jason Kahn

Jason Kahn








On Episode 400  a new Dark Inspectre episode, but first an anime musical track.  Then it is straight on to Jason Kahn’s Dark Inspectre In plain sight episode 25.

For the next few minutes I take a moment to share several articles from the blog.  Including comments by Kallimus.

I watched the second installation of the Thor franchise and thought it went very vell.  So I review the newest episode.

Finally it is Part 2 of Cory Doctorow’s, by his things you will know him.

Thats it for this week.  Enjoy!


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Beam Me Up 399 Cory Doctorow’s By His Things…pt1

Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow








After some opening comments on this weekend’s Beam Me Up (episode 399).  I again play Love is coming back from an anime classic, this time I again posit the question, does the artist at times sound like an early Rod Stewart at times?

First up is a op ed piece from my favorite op/ed writer Kallimus and he is in good for this week!!!!

While my opening info peice concerns a low gravity simulation lab.  Better known as the vomit rockets.  And an unusual use of these devices.

I do a review of Enders Game the movie…

And finally I do get a story in.  Part one of Cory Doctorow’s By his things, shall you know him.


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Beam Me Up # 398 Trathh: Return to Empire

David Sholes

David Sholes








BMU 398 is here!  So  lets get started

My first offering is an unusual peice of anime music.  From all things a series that I have avoided for years.  I was looking for some cutsie anime music so I watched this episode and was floored on the ending song.  It’s great!  So is the series surprisingly enough covers so many different aspects of life and it is not kiddy anime…weird

I have been reading on the James Webb and I start the science continue on the Webb space telescope.

Next is my review of Elyisium  With Matt Damon and Jodie Foster.  Next, NASA wants the ISS to get cold. Plus have you seen the new trailer for the next Captain America wow.

Oh and you can now see Felix’s jump from near space.  All the camera footage has been released.

And Tratth: Return to Empire  By David Scholes

That’s it in a nut shell!  Enjoy

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Beam Me Up #397 K.S. Dearsley’s “The Pitch”

KS Dearsley

KS Dearsley









Here we are for another week of Beam Me Up.  This Week episode 397.  After my

opening comments I play another track from John Anelio’s Walk the Fire album.

This Week’s cut, “Stuck at the Bottom of the Mine”.

I have been doing Star Trek trivia for some time, but it IS wearing a bit

thin, so I have swapped in some Twilight Zone odd facts which seem to be many!

Off to the Beam Me Up blog:

First is a review of the animated feature “The Croods”

Early Solar system dynamics were pretty chaotic with the gas giants doing a

dance through the inner system!

I have a link to one of the most clever short films

Plus the funniest rip on the early Batman & Robin feature film, all the

incontestability and just plain WRONG material, this short actually makes the

older film more enjoyable!

The Sierra Nevada corp uncovers it’s Dream Chaser, a reusable lifting body,

which will help deliver men and supplies to the ISS.

and our story for this week….KS Dearsley’s  “The pitch”


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Beam Me Up #396 Dark Inspectre #24 – Jason Kahn + The Loaner – Dave Rigby

Jason Kahn

Jason Kahn









Here we go with another installment of Beam Me Up.  This is episode 396.

The first thing I play today is a track off John Aneilo’s newest album Walk the Fire, and wow, does he have a winner here.  The cut I play is “The Ferryman” and this song hits you where you live.

Next is a short piece called “The Loaner” Dave Rigby.

I spend a bit of time on Twilight zone trivia

Then from the Beam Me Up blog: Opportunity Rover celebrates it’s 10th anniversary on Mars this year.  The Sun may not bake the Earth into a cinder as soon as we thought…….How was the Milky Way galaxy formed?  I close this week with episode 24 of “The Dark Inspectre Series” by Jason Kahn.

All in all, a good program this week.  I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for listening.

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Beam Me Up # 395 All or Nothing – Fulda + A Wondrous Gift con – Turnbull

Nancy Fulda

Nancy Fulda






Well the Beam Me Up program made it to 395 without much of a hitch…But no matter what.. Ha!

This week, the show seems to bounce along and made a pretty fair showing if I do say so myself…..

After my opening comments I start off with a piece of fine pop rock that is the closing theme to Bubblegum Chrisis.  Which I follow up with the conclusion to Doug Turnbull’s A Wunderous Gift.

Next I find some excellent Twilight Zone trivia.

From the blog, Using Water to burn solid waste. In the 60s the Navy wanted an Iron Man exo-skeleton and you will never guess who they asked! Orbital Sciences  Cygnus  delivery vehicle successfully delivered it’s cargo to ISS.  Virgin’s suborbital spacecraft has had a successful second burn.   NASA shows off concept artwork of the SLS heavy lifting rocket. NASA wants to get the go ahead for visiting one of the weirdest asteriods in the belt.

The final story of the afternoon is Nancy Fulda’s All or nothing.



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Beam Me Up # 394 Trathh: Odinforce – David Scholes + A Wonderous Gift pt 3 – Doug Turnbull

David Sholes

David Sholes






Welcome to another weekend with Beam Me Up, this week, episode 394.

Getting right down to the nitty gritty, 394′s stories are Trathh: Odinforce by David Scholes, which is the first story for the afternoon and A wondrous Gift pt3 by Doug Turnbull.

First after a few minor opening comments, I play Help! by Ayana Taketatsu.

I got to watch the live action Wolverine that seemed to have brought mixed reviews but if you ever saw the anime Wolverine you will get where a lot of this movie came from.

Then it is the first story David Scholes Trathh: Odinforce

I spend a few moments on the Beam Me Up Blog where we find that dogs have a poopin preference…and it is not where they prefer to do their duty but something much stranger!

Next NASA’s NuStar observatory’s latest photo, has to been seen to be appreciated…it is truly spectacular!

Finally, the ISS gets an reprieve. Funding now until the 2021 deadline.

And then on to the final story, part 3 of Doug Turnbull’s A wondrous Gift.

That’s it for another week.  Enjoy!


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