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Beam Me Up #433 Venus or Bust – Jones + Sounds Effects – Kamazin


Photo of Margaret Karmazin - author of Refraining







After my opening comments this week (ep:433) I play the closing theme for the anime series “is this a zombie?” FYI this series is a keeper.  Even though it is a fan service/harem series, it will run you through the gamete of emotions which is no mean feat.

Next is part 1 of Sound Effect by Margret Karmazin

From the blog:  I speak about a strange short film called Time Trap, start to finish, you are never sure exactly what is going on.

The anime short HAL is as different from Time Trap as you can get!  A truly poignant slice of life that will flip you on your head.

Kallimus once again joins the fray this week planting his feet firmly on the neck of Adult swim!

Next with tongue firmly planted in cheek, proof that the Earth is flat!

How about the world’s largest largest solar power generation facility?

Could new research prove Neanderthals were a distinct species?!

And finally Venus or bust part one

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Beam Me Up # 432 2br02b – Vonnegut + Sibyl – Walker






My opening comments to Beam Me Up episode 432 drift off into a review
of The Xmen Days of Future Past The first story for the afternoon is a short strange tale by Deborah Walker called Sibyl.  A deceptively different “time travel” tale.

From the blog:  Meebles sends in an article about a “working” hoverboard.  ESA’s spacecraft comet landing of Rosetta’s landing craft.

Next, could AIs becoming a problem for humanity.

Jupiter’s great red spot is something much more complicated than once figured.

Our final tale is Kurt Vonnegut Jr’s 2br02b  a story about a perfect world that harbors one uncomfortable fact.

That’s it…Enjoy

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Beam Me Up # 431 Wizard’s Bane ch5 – CrystalWizard + Dark Inspectre # 30 – Kahn










Episode 431

I open with are review of the science fiction movie Snow Piercer I also note that Chris Hadfield’s version of David Bowie’s Space

Oddity is back on YouTube thanks to the man himself!

First story of the weekend is Episode 30 of the Dark Inspectre Jason Kahn.

From the BMU log:

You can win a ride into space for free!  Most stars may not be in a home galaxy…  The ISS almost had a close encounter with some space trash.  How about an astronomy first?  The first ever pictures of a proto, planetary system.  And the universe may have started out of nothing?

Final Story  Wizard’s Bane ch5 pt1 by CrystalWizard

That’s it!  Enjoy

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Beam Me Up #430 Human Hunter – Scholes + Squeek Squeek – Juby

David Scholes

David Scholes








Yep, it is episode 430 of Beam Me Up on a cold and decidedly winterish weekend in Maine.

After my opening comments I play one of the opening pieces of music for the animated series RWBY called This will be the Day by Jeff Williams featuring Casey Lee Williams.

I follow this music with part two of the series Squeak Squeak by Michael Juby.

From the BMU blog  I mention the Virgin Galactic space plane failure.
Jarad sends me a couple of links to two extremely well made short films ABE and the other is Blinky.  These two are so well made as to be big screen quality.   Or how about the TSA agent who confiscated a toy ray-gun belt buckle…   John Anealio has a new Halloween themed album out.

The last story for the week is David Scholes Human Hunter – The British facility.

That’s it for the weekend.  Enjoy!

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Beam Me Up # 429 Davies, Walker & more

Colin P. Davies

Colin P. Davies









Well this is episode 429 of Beam Me Up and being that it is the last program of this October, I am going for our annual Halloween show.

The first item presented is a great piece of music from none other than the vocal group Manhattan Transfer doing Twilight Zone.  Nope, not that one by Golden Earring but one more closely attuned to the TV show of the same name.

Next a very unusual and wonderful short tale from Deborah Walker that combines a rural church in the English country side and quantum mechanics!

Colin Davies has graciously let me play Happy Halloween again.  This is a crystalWizard production and between the two of them, they turn out a great story.


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Beam Me Up #428 Echo – A. Grunberg + Wizard Bane ch4 con. – CrystalWizard

Alexandra Grunberg

Alexandra Grunberg








here we go guvna….


My opening comments for episode 428 are pretty much all over the place but I did manage to discuss some of the anime I have been following plus I jump down the x-37b rabbit hole.

My first piece of music is the opening to the Anime Series Wakfu, this series is without a doubt one of the oddest but most fun fantasy quests out there, and yes I am including One Piece.  The characters are thoroughly endearing and the quest is something of a secondary goal that I would thing it would be only the hardened few who would pass on this fun series.

After the music, I spend a few moments (because so much of my “tv” entertainment is now coming from alternative sources of which cable is  not even a strong minority.) wondering what might be coming once cable  loses its’ strangle hold on tv entertainment.

Next up is CrystalWizard’s Wizard Bane Chapter 4 pt3

From the blog Boeing’s X-37b who’s whole fleet of 2, One of which just returned from a 22 month mission.

A new animated movie called Ambition looks to be a wildly entertaining film.

Cassini has treated us to a wonderful high rez photo of Hyperion.

Alexandra Grenberg’s “Echo” finishes off the afternoon. This enigmatic short story will give you a chill and in the end well, it WAS one simple act….

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Beam Me Up #427 Stories by CrystalWizard & David Scholes + selections from BMU Blog

David Scholes

David Scholes







Well finally huh?!! lol  Here is episode 427.  The description is foreshortened so I can just get it listed.

Two stories this week
A human Hunter story, David sent us Leaving the Kickass House
Second is chapter four, pt2 of CrystalWizard’s Wizard Bane

Also selected articles from the Beam Me Up Podcast.


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Beam Me Up #426 Wizard’s Bane – CrystalWizard + In Plain Sight #29 – Kahn

Jason Kahn

Jason Kahn







hoooooooooo! Yep it’s that time of the week again. This week – episode 426. This week in my opening comments I discuss the time paradox in A Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. Plus the stunning success of the Indian Mars mission.

My first story of the afternoon is by Jason Kahn and his Darke Inspectre series. Because I dropped the ball in September, and for continuity, I rerun episode 28 and continue straight on to episode 29.

Our next stop is the Beam Me Up blog, The first thing this week, what do you get the nero-scientist that has everything? How about a hard to believe demo of the state of CGI in the industry. SNC is calling foul with NASA’s choice of Space X and Boeing when one of the selected companies was higher in its bid than SNC!

Finally Crystal Wizard’s Wizard’s Bane Book 1 ch4,pt1

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Beam Me Up # 425 The Final Question con. Asimov + The 2014 Darwin Awards!




This week on Beam Me Up – episode 425 – after my opening comments, I play the first of two music selections. This week, Monochrome Kiss by SID. Interesting selection from the world of Anime.

Next up is an article that you could say I used as a model for this week’s program.  The article in question is the top six places of the Darwin award followed straight away by a fast piece of music from BECCA called appropriately enough “I’m Alive!” the closing theme to the anime series “Black Butler”.

On the blog front, Kallamus joins us for his review of the Marvel series Agents of Shield.  His next review Brick Mansion doesn’t miss a step and

Running out of time, I finish this weeks program with the final chapters to Isaac Asimov’s “The Final Question”

And that is Beam Me Up episode 425  I hope you enjoy the program

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Beam Me Up #424 Asimov, Juby, anime review etc.

Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov








My opening comment for episode 424 I speak in part about Dremel’s new 3d printer, I welcome a new contributor to Beam Me Up. Plus I speak about the OSIRIS-REx Mission of putting a lander on an asteroid in 2016 plus Maven has done an insertion burn for it’s prelim orbit.

My musical selection for the afternoon is BNL’s “The Big Bang”

I speak briefly about Isaac Asimov and John Campbell as their work  together.  This week chapter four of “The Last Question”

I read  the intro from (“my anime guy”) better known as “Mebbles”  which he posted on the blog.  Mebbles also has some favorite anime music of which I play a selection.  For my part, I mention a couple of  series  that I have have enjoyed over the past few months.

Next on the agenda is chapter 4 of the “Last Question” by Isaac Asimov.

I read “Meebles” introduction letter. (he should prove to be an excellent addition to the staff) plus he includes a fun url for his favorite anime music which I just can’t resist!

I talk about a couple of anime series that I just finished watching.

Kalimus posts a review of Asylum productions newest outing z Nation.

I talk about Dremel’s newest printer which is an affordable 3d printer and how it reminded me of a story by Cory Doctorow.

My final story  Tiny Leon and his Wee adventure by Michael Juby.

Hope you enjoy the program.  Thanks for listening.

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