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Beam Me Up Podcast #415 Kickass House – Scholes + Wizards Bane – Crystalwizard

David Scholes

David Scholes








Welcome to Beam Me Up episode 415.

After my opening comments I play a piece of John Anealio’s work called Steam Punk Girl which has been used as the music bed for an animated music video of the same name.  It’s a very clever video.

From there I jump right into the first story of the afternoon with Crystalwizard’s book Wizard’s Bane – chapter 2 – part 1

Next I look to the blog for news like a simple and cheap antibiotic may be a huge boon to infectious diseases, or a possible breakthrough in understanding the causes of Downs Syndrome – and a possible way to prevent cancer.

The balance of the afternoon is David Scholes’ second story in the Human Hunter series – Human Hunter:The Kickass House.

That’s it! I hope you enjoy this episode.

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Beam Me Up # 414 Quest – Muzz + Wizards-bane-ch1- Crystalwizard











I play a piece of music from anime series shortly after my opening monologue.

The first piece of short fiction comes from the pen of Muzz called Quest which is one of the most twisted pieces I have read for some time.

From the Beam Me Up blog  Airbus has a patent for a windowless cocpit for future planes.

Researchers are working on a device that could help will a variety of brain damage syndromes.

Dave Scholes is offering his newest collection of short stories called Daughter of the High Lords on Amazon.

I review the newest Robocop remake.

CrystalWizard has let me read her newest series called  Sojourn Chronicle and we will be having all 6 books!  I start this week with book 1 chapter 1 part 1.  The Chronicle is good speculative fiction not only pure sci-fi but neither is is fantasy.

That does it for this week.  Enjoy

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Beam Me Up #413 – Ringminers’s Daughter

Duncan Shields

Duncan Shields









After my opening comments and playing the opening music from Durara which is a highly inventive anime series, I head straight to the Beam Me Up Blog.

First up, Kallimus talks about the new season of Space Dandy.  I follow that up with an original production from Netflix called Knights of Sidonia, which after a couple of episodes I would give the series a thumbs up.  The next anime offering is from Crunchyroll which will be offering “Rail Wars” sound very promising.

On the science side of the news – I find an article on 3d biopringing. In this case vascular network for 3d organs.

On the Goldilocks type planets, there is evidence that some may not even exist.  From – Gum-15 a stellar nursery nebula of super massive stars may be destroyed by the very stars that

Fan of Futurerama?  How about Farnsworth’s smelloscope?  Do you know that NASA has an individual that does a very similar function….

I found this very disturbing video of a dancing puppet and I do mean disturbing.  Check out the video on the Beam Me Up blog at

hey if you can’t swing a quarter mil for a ride into space. How about a balloon ride that is much cheaper and goes to about 122 thousand.

And an Airforce engineer has found a very inventive way of detecting and tracking space debris.

The story this week is Ringminer’s Daughter by Duncan Shields


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Beam Me Up #412 A Great Fall – Temple – Best Laid Plans – CrystalWizard

Phil Temple

Phil Temple









After my opening observations I play the closing theme for the anime
series called Red Data girl.

I then play a short story by CrystalWizard called Best Laid Plans.
This is a story that I ran this story back in April of 09, its’ every
bit as good today.

From the blog – Musk of SpaceX and Tesla motors has some concerns on
AI  Deep Mind and Vicarious are two businesses that Musk uses to keep
an eye on the emerging artifical inteligence field.

A grea Fall by Phil Temples is a story that takes a well known tale
and retells it as a mystery….Enjoy

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Beam Me Up #411 – Linger – Ken Liu + Dark Inspectre #26 – Jason Kahn



Ken Liu

Ken Liu







Welcome to episode 411 of Beam Me Up. After my opening comments,  I
once again play the opening music to the rather calm anime series called Kashima’s Kiss.

I follow this straight up with this month’s Dark Inspectre series, by Jason Kahn.  This month – episode 26. Jack has been flat on his back for two episodes so far. He is still recovering from the ambush. The down time does have it’s good side so far as it gives him time to put names to faces, so to speak.

From the blog this week:

NASA is still hoping for favorable weather conditions to launch a huge helium balloon into the stratosphere to test the supersonic parachutes it would like to use on some of the heavy Mars missions Hubble data shows that dwarf galaxies were very important in the early universe.

I close with a great story from Dean Ing called Linger.  I asked Dean several years ago if I could read this one but as you know this went to hell in a hand basket there for a while with my health.  I already had it recorded so I mixed some tracks and I like the outcome.  I hope you do as well.

Thanks for listening.


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Beam Me Up # 410 – Phil Temple’s – Crossing Over

Phil Temples

Phil Temples










I start the program with comments on the Russians intent to ban transport of astronauts to the ISS.

Author Jay Lake finally lost his five year battle with cancer.  I speak at length about his work.

I do Game On which is the theme song for the Felicia Day And more from the blog

Whacked thing happening at the Turing Tests….

I read Kallimus’ review this week. Again he is in full form!

Crossing over by Mr. Phil Temple is the story this week.

I really hope you enjoy this week’s rather strange selection


See you next week.


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Beam Me Up #409 – The Little Thief – Temple










For an opening to this week’s program I start with Mushi – shi opening song “The Sore Feet Song” by Ally Kerr.  For fans, there is a follow on season now available.

This week from the blog, the canceled boost glide tech used in the Boing X20 Dyna Soar that originated in the 50s and canceled by the end of the decade.  The weird thing? Maybe  it wasn’t all that canceled?

Next I review the movie “On The Beach” based on the Nevil Shute novel of the same name.

There may be more proof that the Moon WAS created by a giant impactor.

Again the Hubble Space Telescope has taken ground breaking deep field photos that will change a lot of what we know about the formation of the early universe.

Finally Phil Temple sends in “The Little Thief” by Phil Temple


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Beam Me Up #408 What Everyone Wanted – Evans + In The Corps – Barbour




After my opening comments which I have to tell you were a bit on the WTF! is he talking about side, I settle down to play my first story, “what everyone wanted” by Robert Mitchel Evans.

Directly after, a tune by John anealio, “Angels and vampires.

Then we jaunt over to a few articles from the Beam Me Up blog: I spend a moment speaking about Harlan Ellison and some on his really transporting works.

Canada this week demonstrated its Dextre hand, by replacing a camera on the Canada 2 arm.

Skype plans to institute a real time translator in the very near future.  Some Skype users will have the ability to use the software by the end of 2014.  At this time it is only German to English and back.  By 2016 the translator will be fully functional.

And the final story of the show. “In the Corps” by Matthew J. Barbour


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Beam Me Up # 407 Soldier of the Rorne – Schole + Life in Space – Anderson

David Scholes

David Scholes









Welcome to episode 407 of Beam Me Up.  This week I hit the “road” running.  After my initial opening comments I play a story from a new author Leslie Anderson.  Her story Life in Space highlights some conflicts in space from an unique viewpoint.

Then I wander over to the BMU blog to read a review and a full out rant by our #1 commenter Kallimus. Believe me, he is in good form this week!

Next I review a really good anime feature Summer Wars.

NASA has put three Moon lander concepts up for consideration for a lander that can do scientific work on the Moon in the near future.

I have some shot video of Space X doing a water landing after visiting the ISS.

I was shocked to find out how fast Jupiter’s Red Spot is shrinking.  Don’t panic, it won’t disapear anytime soon, but there will be a time soon it seems when there isn’t a huge red storm on the face of Jupiter!

And a team of scientists has created a working tractor beam buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut……

The final story of the afternoon is Soldier of the Rorne by David Scholes.

That’s the program for this week.  Hope you enjoy it.

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Beam Me Up #406 Dark Inspectre #25 – Kahn + Human Hunter – Scholes

David Scholes

David Scholes









Hey there! Welcome to Beam Me Up episode 406.  This week my opening comment reflect those of Kallimus who is constantly amazed at the capacity of the human animal for stupidity. I use his comments, posted on the Beam Me Up blog, as my opening comments.

I also discover that Dark Inspectre stories have been lacking.  So I take the latest installment that played back in December and play that in hopes that it jogs people’s memory and I will start with news installments as soon as I can get them from Mr. Kahn.

Then I move back to the blog for a few of the latest articles that have peaked my interest.

First is a review of a short film on YouTube called Payload…

Then a new product that the inventor says will be the end of food! And you will not believe what they call it!!!

ABC renews Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.!  Plus another surprise!

Finally Mr. Scholes changes gears slightly and brings us “Human Hunter” which is a departure from his Trathh series.

There is enough to entertain. I hope you find it as such.  Enjoy

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