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Beam Me Up # 255 Ghosts in My Head – Doctorow

April 2nd, 2011 by beamupadmin

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Episode 255 of Beam Me Up for April second 2011, one hour goes by blistering fast this week.  I open this week with another piece from Star Trek Girl’s Meekakitty called Navi’s Song (Hey Listen) which is easy enough to listen to but if you are a gamer, you will find wildly funny!

Articles from the blog ( this week:  Leonard Nemoy turns 80 and I have some interesting facts about our favorite Vulcan.  Also a first this week!  Pictures from Messenger of Mercury.  Plus Chandra discovers a black hole massive beyond belief!  Oh and I didn’t get a chance to talk about it, but there is an interesting video on FTL that you will want to trundle over and take a look at.

Stories this week…First:  From Boing Boing / Craphound’s Cory Doctorow an absolutely stunning short story that extrapolates the psychology of advertising.  Next is a fine Libravox recording of C. H. Thames’ Prison of a Billion Years, which tell the tale of a most unusual prison break from a most unusual prison!

It goes by fast, but jam packed with, dare I say, great entertainment!  Put on your tinfoil beanies, its time for Beam Me Up!

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