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Beam Me Up # 225 con Peter Watts Island


This week on Beam Me Up episode 225, At the bottom of the hour, Peter Watts continues reading his story and the conclusion to The Island.  There are still some serious twist and turns that will entertain. You will be glad you stuck with the complete read. A with earlier episodes there are a few words peppered through-out the read that you should be aware of. However, first, Oddcube sends over his Do It Yourself instruction of how to build a cool costume jetpac out of stuff you just have laying around t he house. What really makes it fun however is Oddcube’s inimical sense of the ridiculous. All in all great fun.

Courtney did call in this week to remind me to mention Hawkings newest book “The Grand Design” which in very simplistic terms says that because there is an observable effect called gravity proves the universe was constructed, but because there is gravity, the universe has to create itself…. I know, wildly oversimplified, it certainly is worth checking out though.

Then I review David J. Williams book Burning Skies. A fast paced intriguing / political / military novel . Based on and around the asteroid habitat the Europa Platform. As I stated in the review, if you don’t get excited by a review that contains rolling gun battles or non stop action then you probably ought to consider another genre….

Colin P. Davies of Pest World fame writes to let us know that there is a new Pestworld series already in the hands of CrystalWizard at Cyber – Studios online. Where they will be recorded and mixed for broadcast in the not to distant future. I know I am excited.

The final article I could get in this week was to let everyone know that AntipodeanSF, Australia’s premiere online flash fiction site in online and updated to issue 147. And an excellent selection of short fiction it is!

Other items you might want to also check out on Beam Me Up’s blog at Ten science fiction themes that seem to recur over and over again. Good, bad or indifferent – there are themes in science fiction that one kindly might observe are recurring. From the IO9 blog is the 10 most common science fiction plot devices.

Do you like slow motion photography? Have you ever wondered what it would look like to have someone dip their hand in liquid nitrogen without any ill effects?!!! Check out the short film and description of the Leidenfrost Effect.

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