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Beam Me Up # 226 Shirley Jackson One Ordinary Day /w Peanuts


Welcome back to Beam Me Up once more. This is episode 226 for Se3ptember 11 2010. Our fiction this week is from the golden age of science fiction, though I suspect that if written today it would be placed well within the realm of speculative fiction. That being said, from the pages of Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, January 1955, I read a classic by the great Shirley Jackson, One Ordinary Day with Peanuts. Most of you might be more familiar with Jackson’s other claim to fame with her story The Lottery.

But first, from the Beam Me Up blog I review the rather schizophrenic movie on Blu-ray, Kick Ass. The movie had some very interesting effects, but grew a pair much to late for my liking. I also review the speculative fiction story collection Escape Clause. Researchers in Australia have managed to fashion a laser tractor beam that works and much better than any earlier efforts! Abandoned Tower magazine is now in it’s 6th printing and has now gone on sale, Books of Amanda Land blog sent us a link to their newest book review, Neal Stephenson’s Diamond Age. Very good reviews, worth checking out. Wow you have got to check out this short film from Filmmaker Christian Swegal that I found on IO9 called Stasis. Its an independent and I hear they borrowed their special effects and most of the people working on the film were volunteers including one of the stars! But it really is worth checking out.

I didn’t have time for an excerpt I found that speculates what would happen if a planet buster sized asteroid impacted the Earth. In this case, 300 miles across. This was “produced by NHK Japan and the National Film Board of Canada… and the 10 minute excerpt is from a longer piece but it is certainly enough to give a good impression of what it would look like, and that is stunning!

That’s this week’s program. Next week we will have the newest installment of the Dark Inspectre series which has really started to heat up.

So, join me for this week’s program and take a jaunt over to the blog afterwords!

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