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Beam Me Up #233 Happy Halloween by Colin P. Davies


Happy Halloween!  Episode 233 of Beam Me Up does up All Hallow’s Eve right!  First off, John De Lancie reads Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, and boy does this man own the poem for the eight minutes it takes to read it.  De Lancie’s performance is powerful and hi-lights facets that others have skimmed over and I guarantee that you will have a new appreciation for Poe’s macabre poem.  The last half of the hour is taken up by CrystalWizard’s reading of Colin P. Davies very spooky science fiction tale “Happy Halloween”.  CyberWizard Productions mixes this tale into one of the best stories we have had all year.  Many thanks to Mr. Davies for the story, CrystalWizards for an excellent read and Cyberstudios for an excellent mix.

From the Blog ( The Apollo 11 moon walk videos that were discovered recently have been restored and the results are exciting and stunning, the very odd beast known as a neutron star has a theoretical limit of about one and a half solar masses that was until a recent discovery that has shaken theoretical physics dealing with ultra dense material into possibly   rethinking or abandoned completely some theories completely!  Astronomers are trying to put an estimate as to the amount of Earth mass planets in our Milky Way galaxy and that number it would seem is in the billions!  Finally I review a waste of blu-ray medium.  Repomen Starring Jude Law, Forest Whitaker.  Someone should be ashamed of making or being in this film.  Those involved seemed to have taken a pay day and run.

Blog items that didn’t make this week’s program,  Buckeyball carbon atoms were thought to be rare or even completely theoretical.  Now, new findings have uncovered massive quantities around three dying stars.  How massive?  Trillions of tons is a gross understatement!!!   Has Film-maker George Clarke uncovered evidence of time travelers in a Charlie Chaplin film from the twenties called The Circus?  He seems to think so and his evidence is very compelling.  Check the video out and weigh in on the comment posts other readers have made concerning this strange clip.  and the SyFy channel may have killed Caprica but plans have been green lighted for a production of another Battle Star Galactica prequil.  Syfy will air Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome in late 2011 or early 2012.

So Enjoy Episode 233 and take a trip over to for the rest of the Beam Me Up news

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Beam Me Up # 232 MegaChicken pt3 – AK Sykora


We keep the weird flags flying this week on Beam Me Up episode 232. Our first story is a return to a tried and true theme. The research facility and the escaped killer bug. The hopes of humanity may rest on the shoulders of the survivors, and then again…..Find out just how grim things can get when you listen to Jeff Carlson’s Exit

I close this week’s episode with the conclusion of A.K. Sykora’s totally strange and poultry filled tale of alien invasion MegaChicken! Will MegaChicken find a mate at this year’s Thanksgiving Day parade or will she be forced to produce the world’s largest omelet? Join us as poultritude becomes a real word and MegaChicken jumps from the frying pan into the fire. Part 3 is every bit as good as it sounds!

From the Beam Me Up blog at, this week’s rant centers around what has to be evidence that as a species Homo-Sapiens are circling the drain. Did Lcross really discover water, or is it all wet? The answer may indeed surprise. Ex-Omni publisher prints with us no longer. I take a look at online magazine Bull Spec, Hubble has uncovered what European astronomers are calling the oldest galaxy ever discovered, There are new Twilight Zone episodes in the wings and Leonardo DiCapri is the producer?! Yep, that’s what I read! Also J. Rothenberg is still working on The Forbin Project and you will not guess when is slotted to star!!!! Or for that matter that Ron Howard has been picked to direct….hummm. I review a couple of items this week. First off is a project by Jonathan Strahan, The best of Kim Stanley Robinson. Robinson is a very accomplished author and Strahan really put his heart into this project. Night Shade books is really turning out some quality fiction. I also rented the dvd Dead Like Me Life after Death. Nope not a zombie movie but a follow on to the macabre but funny showtime series Dead like Me. I review both the tv series and the dvd.

Material that didn’t get into this weeks podcast but is interesting non the less and would be worth logging over to the beam me up blog – New technology has been developed that will aid in uncovering hard to see extra solar planets, how about a weirdly funny short video called The Black Hole, where an office nerd finds a copier error that promises so much, but what it delivers is irony in every sense of the word, Mad Magazine has a go at Star Trek and rips it with Star Blecch and if you have never listened to Stephen Fry (no not from THAT show) talk, check out the short called Kinetic Typograpy. Even if you don’t watch the video, just listening to Fry talk on the language police is very entertaining!

So, take a listen to this week episode 232 and definitely check out the Beam Me Up blog

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Beam Me Up # 231 MegaChicken pt2 by A.K. Sykora


Beam Me Up episode 231! As you can see, neither rain wind or….well you get the point, weather aside I have a brand new episode.  One I promptly misname 230…oh well, never said I had a clue.  This week though is just jam packed with good stuff.

Tim Sayell never missed a beat this month and so we are treated to part 1 (episode 13) of his new series of Bradley Brackett stories.  Captain Brackett is back and in great form.  Be prepared for Saturday serial goodness!   Our second story, at the bottom of the hour, is part two of A.K. Sykora’s mega-Chicken.  Tony Baggs little chick is not so little anymore.  Now, in a quest for food Mega-chicken brings Fifth Ave. to a grinding stop.  Everyone wants to do something different with Mega-chicken, including a strange bronzed skinned man with shoes on the wrong feet.

From the Beam Me Up blog ( Hubble snaps a photo of a possible asteroid collision.  I play the music Remains from the music video staring  Fran Kanz (a.k.a. Topher) and Dollhouse scriptwriter Maurissa Tancharoen, who also played the Active Kilo.  The music is from the first episode of Dollhouse, but rest assured this is not a Dollhouse video.  Kanz plays a man who buys a robot “companion” but even this in a throw away culture has unforeseen consequences.  If you are like me, then you are a fan of Warehouse 13 and consider it a fairly unique program.  Well I had a chance to watch some of the early episodes of Friday the 13th and as my comments reflect in this week’s blog, there was uncanny similarities!  And another short film  this week called Spaceman.  Tells the tale of a man hopeless lost in his own imagination and the woman who despite the mania would love him.  If only he could see through his imagination to the real person.  And finally I said that I wouldn’t do it, but I managed to take quantum physics to a surprising new low!  Who needs falling trees, and dead cats in a box or even two slits and a photon stream!  I may have gone a bit far….me?  naaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Beam Me Up # 230 Mega-Chicken pt1 A.K Sykora


Listen to this episode


Beam Me Up episode 230 is fast and seasonal this week.   Our first piece is is a new episode in the Dark Inspectre Series by Jason Kahn  Things are just not going well at all for our favorite  mind reading inspector.  Seems he managed to garner a good beating on his last outing but far from giving up is right back in the mix, as soon as he is able to walk that is…. and our last story this week is a new story from A.K. Sykora called Mega-Chicken!  Mz Sykora for those of you that don’t follow the podcast, is a very talented writer from Germany who has created some of the most memorable fiction for Beam Me Up.  Stories like Don’t Mess With My SSTO, Irresistible and the Coming of the Arbaries has created a venue set in present day New York where indigent Tony Baggs becomes mother to a most unusual feathered friend in part one of Mega-chicken.  Plant your tongue firmly in your cheek and prepare for the funnier side of alien invasion…..

From the blog this week, I review the movie directed, Produced and Written by Jamin Winans called INK.  A dark tale of loss, pain, failure, mystery and redemption.  For an independent and low budget project, well to be honest, even a large budget it is a remarkable and entertaining movie.    Next up was the IG Nobel award, an American parody of the Nobel Prizes and are given each year in early October for ten achievements that “first make people laugh, and then make them think.” Organized by the scientific humor magazine Annals of Improbable Research….  stuff like swearing helps lessen pain?  or using rc helicopters to collect infected whale snot, oh and it gets much much worse!  Lets just say that the short nosed fruit bat has it made!  Talk about audience participation!  How about an interactive stage play that turns a whole theater into Apollo mission control for the infamous mission 13. It is being held in Nelson, New Zealand, during the Nelson Arts Festival!  NASA wants to explore Mars this time with a rocket plane dubbed ARES (or the Aerial Regional-Scale Environmental Surveyor), total mission time will be 2 hours, it will be released high in the Martian atmosphere and cover a thousand miles while using high resolution camera gear it would give us the best low altitude.  SyFy has reupped Haven for a second 13 episode season!  and finally what has to be the best proof of concept for the free/open source 3D creation suite Blender is a short animated film called Sintel.  The film may be short on time however it was long on plot.  A totally cute and heart rending  story very cleverly done.  So proof of concept or not, its worth watching.

I think you will find episode 230 every bit as fun to listen to as it was for me to do!  I hope you join us.

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Beam Me Up # 229 pt2 Lucky bye AC Ellis + Oddcube


Beam Me Up episode 229 moves so fast this week that it, well I was going to say that it took my breath away, but even I couldn’t keep a straight face on that one!

I open this week with a review, of the Dark Shadows tv episodes dvd,  by our resident mad man Oddcube.   OC even manages to scoop me on some of the trivia from the show and I was a huge fan during the early seventies.

I end the program this week with part two of A.C. Ellis’ Lucky.  As you know from last week’s beginning of this strange near future tale, our protagonist Lucky is our man about town as far as town being an interment camp for genetic deviants.  Life is hard but bearable, but more people are coming in and tension is building.  In part two Lucky finds out just how bad things are and begins to see just how bad future society is becoming.  Lucky finds out that even someone with nothing to lose still has much more to lose.

From the Blog:  Antipodean editor Ion writes to tell us that issue 148 of the online Aussie flash fiction magazine is now available,

George Lucas’ – Lucasfilm is going to convert all six “Star Wars” films into 3D format. George plans on starting with The Phantom menace and then release another film once a year until the whole series is complete,

Astronomers, first time, have spotted a planet that circles a star called Gliese 581.  This planet is the first to be uncovered that orbits its’ primary in the “life” zone.

Artist Matthew Mazzotta’s installation in a Cambridge MA dog park called the “Park Spark” with hopes that it  will get people thinking about not wasting waste.  Two 500 gallon waste tanks connected to a gasification system to light a nearby gas light.

Richard Branson has gone on record recently as saying that Virgin Galactic is on track to offer commercial space travel within 18 months,

Lost in Australian archives for many years and badly damaged –  rediscovered footage of the Apollo Eleven Moon Landing may be the “best quality of Armstrong descending the ladder” on the Luna Excursion Module.

Of course like always, there never seems to be enough time to get to everything in the blog.  I will try to get to it next week, but if you are interested, you might want to jump over to the blog at

Here is a short of some of the new material that I couldn’t get to:

CyberWizard uploads a cute short animated film titled “ Oxygen – like you’ve never even considered it!

“Wonder Woman might return to the small screen – the big screen version it would seem has become a none issue.

And does driving fast really slow down time? Quite possibly.

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