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Beam Me Up # 232 MegaChicken pt3 – AK Sykora


We keep the weird flags flying this week on Beam Me Up episode 232. Our first story is a return to a tried and true theme. The research facility and the escaped killer bug. The hopes of humanity may rest on the shoulders of the survivors, and then again…..Find out just how grim things can get when you listen to Jeff Carlson’s Exit

I close this week’s episode with the conclusion of A.K. Sykora’s totally strange and poultry filled tale of alien invasion MegaChicken! Will MegaChicken find a mate at this year’s Thanksgiving Day parade or will she be forced to produce the world’s largest omelet? Join us as poultritude becomes a real word and MegaChicken jumps from the frying pan into the fire. Part 3 is every bit as good as it sounds!

From the Beam Me Up blog at, this week’s rant centers around what has to be evidence that as a species Homo-Sapiens are circling the drain. Did Lcross really discover water, or is it all wet? The answer may indeed surprise. Ex-Omni publisher prints with us no longer. I take a look at online magazine Bull Spec, Hubble has uncovered what European astronomers are calling the oldest galaxy ever discovered, There are new Twilight Zone episodes in the wings and Leonardo DiCapri is the producer?! Yep, that’s what I read! Also J. Rothenberg is still working on The Forbin Project and you will not guess when is slotted to star!!!! Or for that matter that Ron Howard has been picked to direct….hummm. I review a couple of items this week. First off is a project by Jonathan Strahan, The best of Kim Stanley Robinson. Robinson is a very accomplished author and Strahan really put his heart into this project. Night Shade books is really turning out some quality fiction. I also rented the dvd Dead Like Me Life after Death. Nope not a zombie movie but a follow on to the macabre but funny showtime series Dead like Me. I review both the tv series and the dvd.

Material that didn’t get into this weeks podcast but is interesting non the less and would be worth logging over to the beam me up blog – New technology has been developed that will aid in uncovering hard to see extra solar planets, how about a weirdly funny short video called The Black Hole, where an office nerd finds a copier error that promises so much, but what it delivers is irony in every sense of the word, Mad Magazine has a go at Star Trek and rips it with Star Blecch and if you have never listened to Stephen Fry (no not from THAT show) talk, check out the short called Kinetic Typograpy. Even if you don’t watch the video, just listening to Fry talk on the language police is very entertaining!

So, take a listen to this week episode 232 and definitely check out the Beam Me Up blog

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