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Beam Me Up # 237 Evasion pt1 – Gustavo Bondoni + Blog News


In Episode 237 of Beam Me Up, I play part one of Gustavo Bondoni’s short story Evasion. From Bondoni’s new collection of stories, Tenth Orbit and Other Faraway Places from Altered Dimensions press. An aging space station, now used for space salvage, is the stage where a very odd customer asks for an even odder product. Plus a very suspicious tax man tries to get to the bottom of some very odd goings on. And a station manager bent on keeping the two apart all the while trying to make a hefty profit.

From the blog at, Duncan Jones is once again posed to twist us in a completely new direction since his movie MOON. His newest effort is Source Code and I have the trailer. Alex and Steffen of Spy Films were tagged by Batelco to create a stunning promotional spot for the company and the resulting short called infinity will blow you away! Author / historian Mark Clarke uncovers a concerted effort in the early 20th century by AT&T / Bell Labs to suppress elector-magnetic technology, pushing major technological advancements back as much at 50 years! Do you have your favorite work of utopian science fiction? Tim Handorf has put together a top 20 list of essential works of utopian fiction. While his list is certainly good, I think we could do better … suggestions? Symphony of Science has a new compendium that they are calling A Wave of Reason. I think the resulting score is certainly one of their better efforts, so much so I open this week’s program with it. I review the post apocalyptic anime series Casshern Sins. This week’s story from Gustavo Bondoni is from his newest collection of short stories titled Tenth Orbit and Other Faraway Places. I take a few moment to review the collection of 22 short stories. This week’s movie review is the animated feature How to Train you Dragon. I found the animation absolutely astounding! Even though I am sure it will be viewed as a children’s movie, I honestly believe that animation aficionados will be entranced by the level of the cgi as well as hand drawn graphics. The attention to detail and sophistication will leave you breathless.

That and just plain foolishness this week on episode 237 of Beam Me Up

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Beam Me Up #236 Bradley Brackett – Sayell + Home is where you left it pt2 – Chase


Well here we are again!  This week is episode 236 of Beam Me Up.  My engineer Phil is once again my foil.  I swear, every time I look into studio C he is eating something!  Just couldn’t resist this time.  And so…Bradley Brackett is once again on the schedule.  This week is episode 14 overall and part 2 of a brand new adventure for our stalwart adventurer.  The second story is the conclusion of Adam Chase’s Home is where you Left It.  In Part 2, Steve Cantrell travels into the hostile desert in search of the man who could bring death to everyone still alive from the colony.

From the blog at, CERN scientist enter the history books as they succeed in finally storing the antimatter atom of hydrogen.  Astronomers have discovered a gas giant planet orbiting an ancient red giant star, and if that isn’t weird enough for you, this planet is very likely originated in another galaxy!  Gustavo Bondoni’s Tenth Orbit and Other Faraway Places has been release by publishing house Altered Dimensions press, twenty two excellent short stories.  You may remember that Gustavo was last on Beam Me Up with his tale, The Elcano Syndrome.  I hope to get his story Evasion on the air as soon as possible,  which is from the collection.  Hopefully that story and a review of Tenth Orbit for next week’s program.  Keep your fingers crossed because Evasion is one of his best stories to date!  Space Shuttle mission STS-130 on 8 February 2010 delivered the module Cupola which host the distinct honor of being the single biggest port hole in space.  I found a picture of astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson floating before the port to give you an idea just how big it really is.  What a great view!  In 1979 something very rare took place. In the galaxy M100 approximately 50 million light years from Earth, a star exploded into a super-nova. A black hole was born in the remnant of the star, SN 1979C. What does that mean to us?  Well it is the first time that astronomers have been able to study a black hole from infancy!  Very exciting indeed!  Have you heard the most outrageous plan yet to explore and possibly colonize Mars?  This is the weirdest one yet.  Someone has made a proposal to send old people to Mars on a one way ride?!!!  No I am not making this up!  The reasoning is even stranger! And you won’t believe it!

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Beam Me Up #235 Dark inSpectre – Jason Kahn + Adam Chase


Welcome once again to Beam Me Up.  This weeks episode is show 235.  Not a big week in science news, however I do think I make up for it in the stories that I play this week.  Our first story this week is the continuing Dark inSpectre series from author Jason Kahn.   In episode six, psychic inspecter Jack Garrett is haunted in the real and the metaphoric sense.   Garrett continues to put himself in situations that can cause great physical and psychological damage.  As he gets closer to the cause of some gruesome murders he finds that he is in danger of losing his life or worse – his mind.  The last story this week is part one of an Adam Chase story from Amazing Stories 1957, Home is where you left it.  In this story, Steven Cantwell returns to his childhood home planet after years away on Earth.  He finds the village where he grew up recently deserted and the communal well poisoned.   Steve tracks down the residents of the village, who had abandoned everything and headed into the desert in an attempt to cross it and get to safety before the planet’s native inhabitants discover their whereabouts.  Steve also finds out that the natives are not the only ones that are a danger to the villagers and ultimately may bring death to them all!

From the Beam Me Up blog at, I finally got a chance to see the restored version of Fritz Lang’s silent movie classic Metropolis.  With more than a forth of the movie restored, the movie takes on a very different tone.  Many of the scenes, that were edited out, are
so integral to  the film’s plot that the movie actually takes on a completely different meaning when viewed as Lang had intended.  It really is a must see.   Steven Davis mashed together scenes from several movies to create a fan made movie trailer for a movie possibility -Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game.  If you enjoy Card’s Ender Wiggins stories than you will be wowed by this great effort!   Scientists don’t fully understand the dynamics however,  astronomers working with data from the Fermi space telescope were able to detect two enormous structures extending 25k light years above and below the galactic plane of our Milky Way galaxy.  The gamma ray globes may be very young, just several million years old and may have been formed by infalling mass on the galaxies super black hole at the center.  But with the odd shape and no evidence of a continuing jet, much more research needs to be done.  Sean Wainsteim created a very futuristic music video for the band You Say Party’s song, Lonely Lunch.  Wainsteim uses the crush of humanity as well as the constant noise and color mixed in with some of the weirdest sci-fi outfits to make a really attention grabbing science fiction short.  And AntipodeanSF issue 149 is online, and has to be one of the best collection of Australian flash fiction to date.

That’s what is in-store on this week’s podcast episode 235.  The hour goes by fast.

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Beam Me Up #234 Falling – Ben Rosenbaum + Oddcube!


It’s episode 234 of Beam Me Up. Our first episode of November! Being that it IS a brand new month, it’s time once again for a visit from our resident reviewer Oddcube! This month Oddcube reviews those movie serials of yore “the Phantom Empire” Oddcube manages to pull a couple of rabbits out of his hat with this article.

From the Beam Me Up Blog at – Deep Impact probe better known now as DIXI makes history as one of only five times in the history of the space program that a space craft flew close enough to take pictures of a comet’s core. Fantastic pictures emerged from the craft but what irked me was AP putting their byline on them. Pretty big pair in my book. From the IO9 blog a funny animated short, LEGO Star Wars Trilogy where LEGO figures and blocks to lampoon Star Wars with of all characters – Jar Jar. Here he is a hapless janitor with hilarious results! A new eye implant may mean regained sight for suffers of retinal dystrophy. Already early tests have proven spectacularly successful. Humanoid robots abound but the Actroid-F developed by Osaka University has to be one of the most lifelike to date. First developed in 2003, the newer models are able to emulate human expression to such a degree as to be unsettling. Early research into great ape intelligence may have been fundamentally flawed and the results skewed towards human intelligence by researchers who disregarded the fundamental importance of familial contact in the formative stages of development. Psychologists at the UK’s University of Portsmouth hope that new research will fix the errors of earlier researchers. Ever wonder where those weird bumps on Adult Swim come from? Well according to this post in IO9 they arise from electronic musician Flying Lotus. Check out the robot on robot apocalypse titled Kill your co-workers! And Robonaut R2 is on it’s way to the RSS. The 300 pound R2 unit s just the upper half of a complete system, however with two arms and two five finger hands, it is very well suited for space operations. With an infra-red camera and four normal light cameras in its head combined with 350 sensors in its’ body it will be able to take on tasks that the heavy duty Canadian and Japanese arms are not well suited for.

And many thanks to author Ben Rosenbaum for letting us read his very fine story Falling. In a future where all residents are safe and protected from even the slightest harm, to step outside that protective barrier is paramount to being an outcast or a pariah

This great story and other zaniness…This week on Beam Me Up

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