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Beam Me Up #246 Chinvat Bridge con – E. Cashier + How We Play Football in AL. – D. Hilton


Episode  246 goes fast this week!  I start this week’s program with a short memorial to the Challenger crew who died January 28 1986 when the shuttle disintegrated 74 seconds after launch.

After a short musical interlude, I play our first story of the day.  This week, Beam Me Up’s first story is a seriously funny look at future NCAA football, with Doug Hilton’s “How we play football in Alabama”.  At the bottom of the hour I conclude Erin Cashier’s “Chinvat Bridge” which I started last
week.  In the closing part of this really well written story, Srosh, who guards the girls is becoming much more reluctant to perform his duties. More girls are running and he is compelled to save them or at least try, even knowing what fate lies in wait for them in the very near future.  I the end, his choices are made for him.  A truly heart rending story and one that will surely stay with you for some time.

From the Beam Me Up Blog at, The Hubble again finds the oldest most distant object in the universe,  It’s IBM’s 100th anniversary.  You really have to see the short video about the companies hist told by those that lived it.  From Lockheed – Martin a short film about something they like to call….”Space Fence”  a really innovative idea on how to track the thousands of pieces of space trash that orbit the Earth now.  And finally from Discovery a real close up look at the Daedalus project which was envisioned to travel the five and a half light year distance between us and Barnard’s star.  The mission is truly amazing in its scope and its huge scale!  Its amazing the size of what is for all intents and purposes an unmanned probe and would only do a flyby of the Barnard system! Amazing!

Episode 246 full of entertainment and it goes fast! lol Check it out.

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Beam Me Up #245 Dark Inspecte – Jason Kahn + Chinvat Bridge pt1 – Erin Cashier


Beam Me Up episode 245 doesn’t hold back this week.  I open with a new song to the show.  I found a music video of Nico Touches the Wall doing Diver.  This cut has been the opening to Naruto Shippuden’s newest season and has plenty of energy which I thought might go over well.

My first story is another in the series  of Dark InSpectre stories.  Jason Kahn continues to thoroughly entertain with this series.  The final story is part one of Erin Cashier’s heart breaking Chinvat Bridge.  Part one really sets the stage for next week, but I think you will find the imagery and characters totally believable.  Be warned though, part 1 and part 2 do contain some adult language.

And from the Beam Me Up blog at  I review the movie Avatar, the Last Air-bender, from director M. Night Shyamalan.  This movie follows the animated series pretty closely which is probably a good thing as there isn’t really much going for it.  Paolo Bacigalupi has added to his haul of awards. Paolo’s YA novel, Ship Breaker, has won the prestigious Michael L. Printz Award.  If you thought quantum Entanglement and spook behavior at a distance was mind warping then wait until you read the article about the same effect being used for spooky behavior over time!  Oh yeah, there is something about the quantum math that says quantum tele-portation to the future is possible!  And for some really heated discussion.  One of our article submitters has sent in an article called The 10 Most Technophobic Movies and I want to tell you they are still sending in comments!

Check it out!  It’s all good – Beam Me Up episode 245

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Beam Me Up #244 Iteration-John Kessel + Bucket – E. Konstantine


Beam Me Up episode 244 rises to a new height or dives to a new low this week.  Well in all honesty, it is just your average damn good show!  Promise!

This week, our first story is from Eleni Konstantine and her funny with a hard core of truthfulness “The Bucket”.  This piece of flash fiction asks the question, what would a space freighter be like if they were built and run on a shoestring?  Sometimes it seems you get a bit more than you bargained for.    At the bottom of the hour, our second story is Iteration by John Kessel which spins the “multi-verse” in a completely unique way.  What if you had control of how the universe was run so to speak.  No “ultimate power” but a simple “I would like” question.  Just one and only one at a time.  The twist is that the universe is not just your changes but everyone that want to make a “difference”  and what if your “change for the better” is not an improvement for someone else?!  Can you see where this is going?  Iteration is a great piece of innovative fiction.

From the Beam Me Up blog at, The Apollo missions continue to pay dividends and your will not believe what they found now!  The Hubble finds a stellar nursery where no one would have expected to find one!   You think you have a handle on what commercial packaging will be like in the near future?  Oh boy are you going to be surprised!  Smart packaging is the new buzz word and you will not believe some of the ways this will be implemented.  Lets just say that it put E-Ink to shame!  Oh and you will not believe the direction contact lens are going!  But vital signs and no glasses 3D just for starters!  And finally the Kepler mission strikes paydirt!  NASA Ames researchers have confirmed that Kepler has sighted it’s first rocky planet that is virtually Earth sized!  Kepler 10b  one and a half times the size of earth and orbiting a star about 550 light years distant!  It is truly an amazing discovery and it only gets better!

The hour goes by pretty damn fast this week, and has loads of good stuff….well I might be biased!
Check out episode 244 of Beam Me Up!

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Beam Me Up #243 Micro-Expressions – Gaskell & What’s your Destiny? – Smith


Beam Me Up episode 243 is just brimming over with entertainment.  At the top of the hour is a very nice piece of flash fiction – ” What is your destiny?” by the Australian author
Scott James Smith which tells the tale of a life saving rescue by a very unusual five year old.  At the bottom of the hour we find that peace keeping and life saving can take a myriad of forms.  True heroes are often unsung and often unknown.  Experience altruism in it’s purest sense from writer Stephen Gaskell  Oh and his web page is  I say that now because if you write the page address as it sounds, you get another Stephen…Its GaskEll not Gaskill…found that out the hard way!

From the Beam Me Up blog at, I finally sat down and watched the movie Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Berenger, Michael Caine among others. Anytime you get a film from director Christopher Nolan you know that action will be a-plenty and this movie was no exception, just took its sweet time getting there.  I think my review in this week’s program, tells the tale well enough.    The newest issue of Antipodean online is ready.  Issue  151 has 10 fast paced stories that are bound to keep you entertained for a bit.  Have scientists discovered a new matter state?  A research team seems to think so with what they are calling an equilibrium gel.   I touch on a few of the scientific advancements that came into their own in 2010.  The article on the blog is called 8 sci-fi inspired advances that became “real” in 2010.  The whole list is on Dvice so I only listed a few.  first off…Cloaking technology really became big news in 2010.  Many implementations hold great promise as a genuine “cloak” in the very near future.  Laser weapons and household robots were two others that really burst into the public awareness as acceptable technologies.  Robots especially took many forms, from simple vacuum cleaners to pop dancing divas!

All in all, a good fast hour.  enjoy…

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Beam Me Up #242 Bradley Brackett – Tim Sayell & Red Robot con – Colin P. Davies


Episode 242 of Beam Me Up is pretty fast moving this week.  I open wih a new Bradley Brackett from author Tim Sayell this week.  Scheduling snafus last month and just being so busy, meant that our intrepid commnder got a bit behind but we make it up with out first story of the new year.  Commander Brackett leads us deaper into the derrilick star ship and into certain danger in this week’s episode.

This week we finish with episode 5 and the conclusion of Colin P. Davies fantastic Red Robot.  Things come quite litterally to a head this week.  Surely things can’t get any stranger!  Well they certainly can…..and don’t call me Shirley!

From the Beam Me Up blog at, I review Pump Six and Other Stories by Paolo Bacigalupi, a healthy mix  of absolutely brilliant stories that are an excellent cross section of the calorie centric distopia.  You really have got to see the video that DreamWorks Animation have cut together for Jónsi’s award nominated track “Sticks and Stones.”  Its a great compilation of all the most memorible scenes from the movie and mixed them together for a great compilation video.  Hey, does anyone remember that at one point in the very early 60s, the US almost had a long range nuclear bomber?! Oh yeah we did! The XB-70 Valkyrie.  Not only was it to carry nuclear bombs, but it was to be powered by a nuclear reactor!  On story I really liked and didn’t get a chance to talk about was using caverns on Mars as possible living quaters. Yeah I’m talking about those mysterious dark spots that were photographed on the surface of Mars.  Well from a recent article in Dvice – Photographs taken by the HiRISE camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows that these dark areas really are the opening to large caverns who’s ceilings have collapsed.  The aticle talks about what it would take to make these livable.  This article in particular drew a lot of conversation.  Check it out!

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