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Beam Me Up #244 Iteration-John Kessel + Bucket – E. Konstantine


Beam Me Up episode 244 rises to a new height or dives to a new low this week.  Well in all honesty, it is just your average damn good show!  Promise!

This week, our first story is from Eleni Konstantine and her funny with a hard core of truthfulness “The Bucket”.  This piece of flash fiction asks the question, what would a space freighter be like if they were built and run on a shoestring?  Sometimes it seems you get a bit more than you bargained for.    At the bottom of the hour, our second story is Iteration by John Kessel which spins the “multi-verse” in a completely unique way.  What if you had control of how the universe was run so to speak.  No “ultimate power” but a simple “I would like” question.  Just one and only one at a time.  The twist is that the universe is not just your changes but everyone that want to make a “difference”  and what if your “change for the better” is not an improvement for someone else?!  Can you see where this is going?  Iteration is a great piece of innovative fiction.

From the Beam Me Up blog at, The Apollo missions continue to pay dividends and your will not believe what they found now!  The Hubble finds a stellar nursery where no one would have expected to find one!   You think you have a handle on what commercial packaging will be like in the near future?  Oh boy are you going to be surprised!  Smart packaging is the new buzz word and you will not believe some of the ways this will be implemented.  Lets just say that it put E-Ink to shame!  Oh and you will not believe the direction contact lens are going!  But vital signs and no glasses 3D just for starters!  And finally the Kepler mission strikes paydirt!  NASA Ames researchers have confirmed that Kepler has sighted it’s first rocky planet that is virtually Earth sized!  Kepler 10b  one and a half times the size of earth and orbiting a star about 550 light years distant!  It is truly an amazing discovery and it only gets better!

The hour goes by pretty damn fast this week, and has loads of good stuff….well I might be biased!
Check out episode 244 of Beam Me Up!

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