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Beam Me Up #247 Ryahs Foundling – Algis Budry + 10 best starships?


Episode 247 I think you will agree goes by fast.  I start of with a very funny parody song by Only Won called I want to be an engineer,  which is a very clever send up of the rap song I want to be a billionaire.

I had some very interesting articles this week.  Check out the blog for the ones I missed.  But first off, I review Despicable Me a not so bad animated feature with an all star voice cast.    Next from the blog, it seems red super-giant Betelgeuse is set to explode into a supernova some time within the next 100k years.  Should be pretty spectacular event when it does happen.  And you want to make a bunch of Beam Me Up fans see red?  Tell em the Millennium Falcon is better than the Enterprise 1701.  That is what happened when I found a top 10 list of the best star ships.  Yep, we had fun with that one.  The Kepler Space telescope has had some busy times of late.  In this week’s news is a report on one of the most unusual planetary systems to date.  Also Kepler has found the first rocky Earth sized planet in what is called the Goldilocks zone, the zone where a planet can contain liquid water.  So there are a couple of great articles for a great science project!

This week’s story is Riya’s Foundling  By ALGIS BUDRYS From Science Fiction Stories 1953.  A most unusual boy and a very lonely boy at that, finds comfort from a most unusual mother figure under the most unusual circumstances and in a place far removed from his own.

I think you will find the 247 episode fast and entertaining.  Enjoy!

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