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Beam Me Up #262 Simulacrum pt1 – Liu + Command Decision – Stewart





Greetings! It’s that time of the week once again when i slip the ties and hide out in the WRFR studios.  This week is no exception.  I start off with a funny tune from Brental floss called Ode to Classic video game.  Wildly funny send up of the dedication many had towards the old games.  Caution, it is a bit politically incorrect!

From the Beam Me Up blog this week:  The eccentric spy series Chuck manages to get one more season however NBC gives Wonder Woman a pass.    V, No Ordinary Family and The Event have had no such luck with 11th hour reprieves either.    How about a list of seven technologies that we have now or will have in the near future that will transform humanity into something very Borg like……  Exactly why is it that Area 51 isn’t acknowledged by the government,  Have French scientists  found a planet that is most likely habitable?

And now the fun stuff, this week’s audio fiction!  The first story is from a new author to the Beam Me Up program, Patricia Stewart.  Mz Stewart is a regular submitter to the flash fiction online site 365tomorrows.   I read her flash fiction story “Command Decisions” – a tale of how people rise to the occasion under difficult circumstances.  The last story for this week’s program is another first timer – Ken Liu.   This week I play part one of “Simularcum” that explores the dimensions of obsession with a fleeting moment in time and a less than perfect representation of an original.

The hour goes by fast but I think you will find it entertaining.  Enjoy!

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