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Beam Me UP # 264 Memory pt1 – Michael Merriam + Fertilizer – Duncan Shields



Get ready to get your brain fried on episode 264 of Beam Me Up!

I bookend today’s blog entries of science news and observations with a couple of great stories.

At the beginning of this week’s program I play Duncan Shield’s flash fiction piece “Fertilizer”.   Earth is making a massive push to terraform Mars.  Bio domes are up and machines are generating oxygen  for a breathable atmosphere in the future, but what Mars really needed was……

I end this week with part one of “Memory” by Michael Merriam.  Chaos had come to her planet.  In the centuries that had past, the once beautiful and vibrant culture that had existed here had crumbled, turned on itself and had died.  Nothing now survived except mutated dogs and a few equally mutated humans.  Even she wasn’t the she that she remembered who had grown up, loved and grown old.  Now the rest of the known galaxy had followed her planets fall into the selenium long collapse.   Now she was back not to rebuild but to join her centuries long dead husband.

And that is just part one!  Part two will floor you!!!

From the Beam Me Up Blog at…… Have you heard about the Casimir effect?  Well in short it seems to show how to get something from nothing!?  Yep, it describes a virtual particle and a anti virtual particle being kept from destroying each other and when this happens real particles like Photons are created…. Yep, that’s light from nothing…   next, a professor of computer science at Wake Forest University, is training digital ant to ferret out the hiding places on the net of nefarious  software like viruses and destroying them.   Antipodean issue 156 is now online.  Great Australian flash fiction site.  Science Daily blog has an interesting article concerning new technology that “detect(s) a number of neurological symptoms, such as …. epileptic seizure(s), and treating them simultaneously.   It seems that electrical engineers at the University of Maryland may have been a bit hasty,  Time Travel may indeed be possible!  Jeff Conaway, best known to genre fans as Security Chief Zack Allen on the syndicated series Babylon 5, died May 27th at 60.  What would cause Isaac to blow a gasket if he were still with us?   Well I can tell you one thing for sure….

That and other articles and observations.  Great show this week.  Come join us!

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