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Beam Me Up # 272 Seth-7 Dunham + Paid p4-Knippling






Beam Me Up 272 goes fast this week.   I start off with a new tale from Fox Dunham.   Memories long since faded are called on once again, and a man who is not a man is all that stands between humanity and darkness – Seth 7.

The hour ends with the conclusion to Deanna Knippling’s  tale of the defender of the multiverse.  This week after resurrecting from a most horrific murder, Beauregard comes face to face with with his murderer and the truth of who it is and why may end everything.

From the blog a short excerpt from a speech by Neil Degrasse-Tyson on why he feels NASA is vital to the health of our country.

It has been a long held belief that Earth has a Trojan companion, but until recently, none had been discovered.  That now has changed and Earth joins an elite group of planets with Trojan companions.

The U.S. isplanning on  deorbiting the ISS in 2020 crashing everything into the ocean …… The Russians, on the other hand, are already planning to refurbish many of their ISS modules and reuse them as part of a new Orbital Piloted Assembly and Experiment Complex to support deep space exploration.

In 1967 Lunar Orbiter 2 was launched with a mission to help with landing sites for the Apollo moon missions. Once the mission was finished NASA crash-landed it  on the far side of the Moon.  Until recently it’s crash site was lost, until now.

China is preparing its’ Tiangong-1 space station for lift off aboard a Long March II-F carrier booster later this year.

That and more this week on Beam Me Up

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Beam Me Up # 271 Paid p3 – Knippling + First Flight – Bale


Deanna Knippling





Beam Me Up episode 271 continues this week with part 3 of Deanna Knippling’s Paid.  Things get even stranger for our intrepid cross dimensional detective as he begins to unravel his latest murder mystery, from an evangelist that most likely isn’t  a lawyer who is who knows what and Boregard keeps getting himself inconveniently killed….

I open with a new story from an author new to BMU.   Andrew Bale sends in First Flight.  Humanity’s first interstellar flight comes to a very strange end.

From the blog

NASA has signed a deal worth 306 million dollars with Roskomos for six rides to the ISS in 2012 and 2013, or a charge of 51 million dollars per US astronaut. However Russia may up the price.

astronauts aboard the ISS had watched Atlantis as it entered the atmosphere from the stations Cupola viewing window.  And someone snapped a photo!

Hubble has discovered a new moon around Pluto.  So far is the smallest discovered around the dwarf planet.  Designated P4, It has an estimated diameter of 8 to 21 miles.

JoshM reviews the movie Green Lantern.  What should have been an inspiration, Josh describes as  apathetic.

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft began sending back photographs of Vesta from the asteroid belt.

Part of the X chromosome found in people from outside Africa originally comes from our Neanderthal cousins.   So much for the theory that they never interbred!

And Black holes instead of slowing down are spinning faster than they ever have since the Universe began!  How is that possible

That and more from this week’s episode of beam 271

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Beam Me Up #270 #14 of Dark Inspectre – Jason Kahn + Paid pt 2 – Deanna Knippling






This week on episode 270 of Beam Me Up episode 14 of Jason Kahn’s Dark Inspectre.  Our intrepid detective is framed for a grisly murder.  Which means he is getting close, but before he can prove his innocence  he might find himself dead instead.

Oddcube joins us once again for his unusual brand of reviews –  This week Dungeon Seige is the unfortunate target of his unusual utterances.

From the blog I review the movie Spirit, the review might be of some use, the movie sure wasn’t.
Scientists build a time cloak?  The 2010 Locus awards are in!  Dawn meets Vesta.  Check out a 360 VR view interactive of the Shuttle flight deck.  astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson  along with Neil Armstrong and John Glenn spank NASA.  First time ever a comet has been photographed plowing into the sun.  And did you know that the Buran was built to drop bombs?!!!

I close with part 2 of Paid by Deanna Knippling.  You will not believe how time is handled in this wildly weird tale.  And the bad guy?  even weirder!

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Beam Me Up #269 Greeters – Zachery Cole + Paid pt1 Dianna Knippling


Deanna Knippling







This week on Beam Me Up  I take advantage of local talent for stories.  From the talented
pen of Zachery Cole I play Greeters –  What is it like to be a greeter for a big box department
store  now imagine you have been built expressly for that purpose – and all you want is a little time to figure out how the world works.

The second story is part 1 of Deanna knippling’s Paid.  Boregard is both a multi-dimensional time traveler or a down and out gum-shoe.  Neither and both are correct depending on what version of himself you ask…..

From the BMU Blog, the good and the bad of the shuttle program, what happened to the the six flags left on the Moon, huge thunderstoms on Saturn,  a billion pixel camera in space to hunt for new planets, quasars, brown dwarfs and hopefully they will be able to catch a super nova in another galaxy!  That and more on this weeks, Beam Me Up.

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Beam Me Up #268 Manifest Error – Gary Cuba + Silicon Valley – Duncan Shields


Gary Cuba & Chris





This week in episode 268 I start with the July 4th episode of Earth Sky.  This week’s article is about the seasons and why the summer in the northern climes and winter in the southern are longer and why the winter in the north and summer in the south are short, even though it seems just the opposite.  The Earth Sky article is fun as well as informative.

Our first story of the afternoon is a piece of flash fiction from Duncan Shields called Silicon Valley.  Duncan’s story tells the tale of a future where all the humans have disappeared in-explicitly.  While the robot take up where the humans left off.  Duncan’s tale is a curious journey to self awareness, from a most unusual subject.

Before I play the last story, I take a jaunt to the BMU blog at

Since the shuttle program is coming to an end shortly I begin by discussing an end to the space age.  During a short break, Barry weighs in with the point that the military was the driving force in the earlier programs and until the military decides once more that we need the high frontier, we may never get there again…

On another really fascinating front, is it possible that bio-mechanical frameworks like those developed for yep, you guessed it, the military, be a boon to the handicapped?  The inventor of the Segway thinks that many of the devices can be ported to aide in rehabilitation.

A two hour flight across the Atlantic may be possible within 10 years. Employing new hyper speed engine technology the HyperMach’s proposed ultra high speed plane the SonicStar will be able to fly at 3.6 mach and do so at altitudes above 60 thousand feet but only carrying 20 people?!!!

on June 27th of this year. A bus sized asteroid flew so close to the Earth that it was well inside many of satellites orbits.

A bus sized asteroid 2011 MD, passed within 7500 miles of Earth,  passing over the coast of Antarctica before being slingshot back into deep space.

Scientists at Tokyo University with assistance from Sony, have developed PossessedHand which consists of a pair of wrist bands that deliver mild electrical stimuli directly to the muscles that control your fingers, with hopes of say teaching your body how to properly position your fingers to play an instrument.  Or other equally creepy uses….

And for our last story, Gary Cuba has let me read his excellent story Manifest Error.  What would you do if you found that a delivery is late… a century!  I describe the tale as an “uplift” story for the real world.

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