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Beam Me Up # 272 Seth-7 Dunham + Paid p4-Knippling






Beam Me Up 272 goes fast this week.   I start off with a new tale from Fox Dunham.   Memories long since faded are called on once again, and a man who is not a man is all that stands between humanity and darkness – Seth 7.

The hour ends with the conclusion to Deanna Knippling’s  tale of the defender of the multiverse.  This week after resurrecting from a most horrific murder, Beauregard comes face to face with with his murderer and the truth of who it is and why may end everything.

From the blog a short excerpt from a speech by Neil Degrasse-Tyson on why he feels NASA is vital to the health of our country.

It has been a long held belief that Earth has a Trojan companion, but until recently, none had been discovered.  That now has changed and Earth joins an elite group of planets with Trojan companions.

The U.S. isplanning on  deorbiting the ISS in 2020 crashing everything into the ocean …… The Russians, on the other hand, are already planning to refurbish many of their ISS modules and reuse them as part of a new Orbital Piloted Assembly and Experiment Complex to support deep space exploration.

In 1967 Lunar Orbiter 2 was launched with a mission to help with landing sites for the Apollo moon missions. Once the mission was finished NASA crash-landed it  on the far side of the Moon.  Until recently it’s crash site was lost, until now.

China is preparing its’ Tiangong-1 space station for lift off aboard a Long March II-F carrier booster later this year.

That and more this week on Beam Me Up

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