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Beam Me Up #276 Stars Fell p3 – Keith Latch



Keith Latch



I start episode 276 off with the closing theme music to Requiem for the Dark called The Flame. For those of you familiar with the anime series you will appreciate the complete version of the song.

Stories this week are the continuation of Keith Latch’s “The Stars Fell”. This week is part 3 and Keenan finds that not only did the strange meteor he discovered in his family’s field not only rendered him unconscious, but something ever so much more strange and confusing! However the first story is a wicked tongue in cheek (if I dare say so) story from the early pen of Philip K. Dick – “The Eyes Have it” where our protagonist has either found a description of the invasion of Earth by the most unusual creatures to date, or the gent is taking the written language far to literally!

From the Beam Me Up blog I review the movie based on Philip K. Dick’s Adjustment Team called “The Adjustment Bureau”, The 2011 Hugo Awards are out and I list a few of the winners, clever short films abound on YouTube, the first one I found this week was the Tron Duck Tape short, which is more a commercial for Duck Tape, but it’s nothing if not clever, Robonaut is turning out to be a Robo Not, my gripe this week is that robo hobo is turning into nothing more than an expensive toy. The Russians it would seem are looking to build a tunnel under the Bering Strait and at 65billion they are looking for investors, USA included… Fans of Portal will enjoy this fan made Portal short movie that is astoundingly well made! Nancy Fulda has sent us a note on her newest book of short stories and Russian Progress m-12m crashes in Siberia with three tons of supplies for the ISS – this could cause the station to reconsider a lot of options!

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Beam Me U # 275 Serial Killer – Shields + The Stars Fell pt2 – Latch




Keith Latch



This week on Beam Me up, I get things rolling with a rather caustic quote from Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell on global politics.  Next, music from a strange little indie Sci-Fi short in which the camera follows a day in the life of Vera a girl with speakers in her skin and no volume knob to control her constantly blaring music from the indie album Winter.

The first story is a wicked little piece of flash fiction from Duncan Shields over at 365 Tomorrows, called Serial Killer.  The man was either the savior of the world, or a mass murdering psychopath.    The second story this week is part two of Keith Latch’s The Stars Fell. Keenan’s life has become a morass   of pain, sadness and disappointment since the death of his farther.  But then, three weeks later, something much stranger takes place which is even stranger still.

From Beam Me Up’s blog, Predictive Bionics.  New technology is being developed for lower-limb prosthetics that allows amputees to walk without the leg-dragging gait characteristic of conventional artificial legs.   Does ranting at SyFy do any good?  Who knows, but its sure is frustrating with the new crop of canceled programs…   Darpa says the Falcon htv-2 last flight was a success?!!!  Really?   ESA’s Don Quijote spacecraft is going to take a whack at the Apophis asteroid? The 1,600-foot-wide near-Earth asteroid which NASA said had a chance of around one in 250,000 of hitting Earth in 2036.   Astronaut Ron Garan aboard the International Space Station, shows us what a meteor looks like from space with his photo of a meteor from the Perseid Meteor Shower.   Erik Weihenmayer can see with his tongue,  Erik in fact is participating in  experiments with the Brainport Vision Device, a revolutionary new technology enabling a blind person to see with his tongue.   Finally Hubble, using its  Wide Field Camera 3
takes a photo of the strange and amazing Necklace Nebula!

As always, we wish to thank Cyber-Studios for their unique and helpful services.

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Beam Me Up #274 Dark InSpectre #15 + The Stars Fell pt1 – Keith Latch






Just fun this week on BMU # 274! But right in the middle, there I sit rantin and ravin! Oh well, you can take a horse to water….

Sometimes you find new material in places you would not expect. I have found that many really good animations of comic book fame are seeing a new infusion since their exposure to the big screen. One that has profited by the infusion of Japanese Anime artists is what we would normally call children cartoons. One that I found by scanning through the channels was a reworking of the Iron-man universe in to Iron Man armored adventures. It would seem that anime artists and writers have retooled the older style to a cgi product heavy on action aimed at a teenage audience. Even the theme song has been totally rewritten. I start of with a heavy rock theme song from Rooney, Iron Man Armored Adventures.

From there, I play the first story of the afternoon – episode 15 of Jason Kahn’s Dark InSpectre – This week Jack Garett closes down on the corruption that has covered up unspeakable acts but as he gets closer, he risks becoming one of them!

Second story of the afternoon, I play part one of Keith Latch’s The stars Fell. On the surface, the story would seem to be pretty straight forward but in the next episode thing take a VERY strange twist.

From the Beam Me Up Blog, we first hear from Earth Sky about the possibility of running water on Mars, Next the Pentagon lost the hypersonic HTV-2 which was capable of flying 20 times the speed of sound. Boeing plans on getting into L.E.O. in a big way with it’s CST-100 crew space transport, it plans on using for its own astronauts. This seems to be the answer to the military’s dream. It is possible that this will be the core of a weapons system that could drop bombs just about anywhere within one hour. The crazy thing is this is not as crazy as it gets. I rave about the first choice which was swapping out trident missile warheads to conventional explosives! Yep a left over from the Bush admin. And let’s not forget the suborbital Virgin Galactic who plan is to construct the first launch site outside the United States at Kiruna Sweden, 90 miles north of the arctic circle. For irony… Google’s test-bed Toyota Prius crashed near Google HQ in Mountain View. Witnesses to the accident reported that the crash caused a five-car pile-up and it would seem An offshoot of the South Florida Tea Party called “Tea Party In Space” (T-PIS) is looking to break apart the government’s socialist grip on the final frontier. These people seem to thing that NASA is part of some Evil Government empire….there were lots of conversation on the blog this week about this. Might be worth checking out…the blog I mean!

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Beam Me Up #273 Elko – Harris Tobias + Time Enough – Steve Carter






Harris @ work

Beam Me Up 273 saw new additions and just plain good stuff. I start with an excellent quote from Isaac Asimov that Courtney posted on the Beam Me Up Facebook site.  Next, I play two stories this week.  First  from a story in the newest edition of Antipodean.  From Steve Carter comes a different twist on an old sci-fi time travel theme “Time Enough”  The second story has to be one of the strangest alien encounter stories I have ever read.  I play Harris Tobias’ Elko.

I have discovered a new anime series in my travels around youtube and found that it was playing on SyFy.    Durahrara is a spin on the myth of the grim reaper and a mixture of the European headless horseman and their ilk.  However the spin and the handle make the series much more entertaining and modern.  I found the opening track on one of the short films and play it for the program today.  Very nice and catchy.  Overall its a very good series for those that don’t go into the giant robots that litter the main outlets.  Give this one a shot.

From this week’s blog @  Researchers at the University of Toronto have used a combination of synthesized DNA and semiconductors to create a nano-scale antenna that harnesses light.   arth at one point in its early history had more than one moon. The second moon was most likely very small and may have collided with its larger Luna companion.  Have you heard the  story of the two NASA logos?  No?  You won’t believe it!  The  Juno mission to Jupiter  launched  Friday August 5.  A film of the launch can be viewed on NASA.  The primary goal of the mission is to understand the origin and evolution of the massive gas planet.    Oh you will just HAVE to check out The Mercury Men.   A  new Web series made for under $10,000 in Pittsburgh with ray guns, evil aliens and even a brain in a jar. It’s a modern homage to the black-and-white serials of the early 1900s.  Space X has petitioned NASA to combine two upcoming missions of their Dragon launch vehicle, one to rendezvous with the ISS and next to dock with it.  And there is much more on the blog as well as the podcast.

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