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Beam Me U # 275 Serial Killer – Shields + The Stars Fell pt2 – Latch




Keith Latch



This week on Beam Me up, I get things rolling with a rather caustic quote from Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell on global politics.  Next, music from a strange little indie Sci-Fi short in which the camera follows a day in the life of Vera a girl with speakers in her skin and no volume knob to control her constantly blaring music from the indie album Winter.

The first story is a wicked little piece of flash fiction from Duncan Shields over at 365 Tomorrows, called Serial Killer.  The man was either the savior of the world, or a mass murdering psychopath.    The second story this week is part two of Keith Latch’s The Stars Fell. Keenan’s life has become a morass   of pain, sadness and disappointment since the death of his farther.  But then, three weeks later, something much stranger takes place which is even stranger still.

From Beam Me Up’s blog, Predictive Bionics.  New technology is being developed for lower-limb prosthetics that allows amputees to walk without the leg-dragging gait characteristic of conventional artificial legs.   Does ranting at SyFy do any good?  Who knows, but its sure is frustrating with the new crop of canceled programs…   Darpa says the Falcon htv-2 last flight was a success?!!!  Really?   ESA’s Don Quijote spacecraft is going to take a whack at the Apophis asteroid? The 1,600-foot-wide near-Earth asteroid which NASA said had a chance of around one in 250,000 of hitting Earth in 2036.   Astronaut Ron Garan aboard the International Space Station, shows us what a meteor looks like from space with his photo of a meteor from the Perseid Meteor Shower.   Erik Weihenmayer can see with his tongue,  Erik in fact is participating in  experiments with the Brainport Vision Device, a revolutionary new technology enabling a blind person to see with his tongue.   Finally Hubble, using its  Wide Field Camera 3
takes a photo of the strange and amazing Necklace Nebula!

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