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Beam Me Up #276 Stars Fell p3 – Keith Latch



Keith Latch



I start episode 276 off with the closing theme music to Requiem for the Dark called The Flame. For those of you familiar with the anime series you will appreciate the complete version of the song.

Stories this week are the continuation of Keith Latch’s “The Stars Fell”. This week is part 3 and Keenan finds that not only did the strange meteor he discovered in his family’s field not only rendered him unconscious, but something ever so much more strange and confusing! However the first story is a wicked tongue in cheek (if I dare say so) story from the early pen of Philip K. Dick – “The Eyes Have it” where our protagonist has either found a description of the invasion of Earth by the most unusual creatures to date, or the gent is taking the written language far to literally!

From the Beam Me Up blog I review the movie based on Philip K. Dick’s Adjustment Team called “The Adjustment Bureau”, The 2011 Hugo Awards are out and I list a few of the winners, clever short films abound on YouTube, the first one I found this week was the Tron Duck Tape short, which is more a commercial for Duck Tape, but it’s nothing if not clever, Robonaut is turning out to be a Robo Not, my gripe this week is that robo hobo is turning into nothing more than an expensive toy. The Russians it would seem are looking to build a tunnel under the Bering Strait and at 65billion they are looking for investors, USA included… Fans of Portal will enjoy this fan made Portal short movie that is astoundingly well made! Nancy Fulda has sent us a note on her newest book of short stories and Russian Progress m-12m crashes in Siberia with three tons of supplies for the ISS – this could cause the station to reconsider a lot of options!

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