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Peter Watts




Welcome to the program this week. This is episode 285. I had started out with the idea that I would run just the second half of this week’s story: The Things, by Peter Watts, then go on to the blog for news. But then I remembered the excellent Halloween story that I ran last year from the very talented author Colin P. Davies called appropriately enough Happy Halloween.


In Part 2 of The Things, the creature comes to realize the horror of just the type of beings he is dealing with. Horrifying creations that violently react when faced with anything that changes. Creatures that never change, born and die with the same shape and can not imagine anything different. Important information yes, discovered at great cost and quite possibly much much to late.

In our second story, Happy Halloween by Colin P. Davies, many strange happenings have started to happen in Dan’s world. Unnatural happenings, dangerous happenings. Since his mother had left, Dan’s world had become bleak but now it seemed that some mysterious force was trying to do more that make life miserable, no now something wanted him dead. Happy Halloween is read by CrystalWizard and produced by Cyberstudios and I will guarantee that you will be hard pressed to find a better Halloween story this month.

And that is it! All stories this week and nothing more. Just things that go bump in the night. Enjoy!

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Peter Watts





Well lets continue on with the goulish theme started the first of October, in episode 284.  This week what better than a rather frightening tale from an author not unknown to the BMU listening audience.  Mr.  Peter Watts.

As we all know at this point, there is a new “Thing Movie”  in the theaters.  Many long time SF fans know that there are three movies based on Who Goes There?  by John W. Campbell, Jr. under the pen name Don A. Stuart   published August 1938 in Astounding Stories.  In 1973, the story was voted by the Science Fiction Writers of America as one of the finest science fiction novellas ever written, and was  published in The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume Two edit by non – other than Isaac Asimov!  The name was changed to “The Thing” when the first of 3 movies made from the basic story line.

Now if you are like me you read the story and found the first movie really lacking.  In the second, directed by Scott Carpenter,  There was a more technically adept and effects rich offering but in the end, a monster movie with no empathy for the creature and no attempt to communicate.  With me, it also closed the door on any further offering in the “Things” franchise.  So what a pleasant surprise I got when reading this new story for Peter Watts called the Things… to discover it had a major twist  right in the beginning that you will ask why wasn’t this done earlier!
Needless to say it is a wonderful homage  to John Campbell’s work.

I wanted this story so bad …..but asking Peter I found out that Clarksworld online magazine had picked up the rights, but Peter said he didn’t mind me playing an audio version as well, so the wonderful folks at Clarkesworld Magazine very graciously let me play their recording of Things.

I want to tell you that their reader got the pathos.  It is an excellent reading.   I play part 1 this week and next week I will finish it up.   Remember is is material better suited for adult sensibilities though not graphic, it could still be considered disturbing at times.

But first to get things warmed up I start with Atlanta Rhythm Section playing Alien…rather appropriate huh?

And from the blog I start with a review of the anime classic Cowboy Bebop.  The movie is a series fan’s movie. Not really a good introduction to the Bebop universe and more a treat for fans.  I loved it, but then I was a fan.  If you have seen the complete series and want a bit  more than this is for you!

Astronomers have discovered the oldest and farthest supernova ever detected — a massive star that exploded 11 billion years ago.

In August of 1883 447 objects passing in front of the sun over two days. But this huge amount of material was only observed by one astronomer.  But panic took hold anyway….These objects were so huge and coming in so close that folks were taking out comet insurance.  Other astronomers  suggested all form of fauna and flora that could have flown in front of the lens and give an erroneous result.  What WAS observed were actually fragments of a massive, billion-ton comet, and the reason that no one else was able to observe the objects is that they passed so close to the Earth!  Calculations show that the ultra massive object passed between 300 to 5000 miles above the surface!!

Using the Keck telescopes on Mauna Kea, astronomers have captured the first direct image of a planet being born.

And so much more!  Honest!


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This week on episode 283, the program  seems to write itself!  I decided to play it straight and see how things proceed.  All in all though you will have to listen to get my drift.

I start right out with expert by Weird Al Yandovic on the Beam Me Up Blog.  A new song “Stop Forwarding that Crap to Me!”   This puts a spin on some of the abuse that is foisted off on us by some users that have more cell phones than brains.  Recent surveys have it that more than 4% of the countries cell phone users have more than one cell.  The survey pointed out that there are more cell phones in operation in the us than there are people.  It is a certainty then with this kind of density that parody performers would comment on this.  First up is Weird Al Yankovic  with his protest song about junk email.  “Stop Forwarding that crap to Me”

More from the blog…..From two astronomers at the Observatory of Côte d’Azur in Nice, France come an interesting article on the reason Uranus is on it’s side.  It would appear that Uranus was struck with at least two massive planet sized bodies in it’s distant past that knocked it completely on it’s side.

HP’s new technology may well make DRAM and SRAM obsolete by 2015. flash memory in a year and a half.  This new technology that HP is betting on is called the memristor. Memristors are wires made of titanium dioxide a mere 150 atoms wide.   They can preserve memory states when off and can be written to trillions of times.

I found a great online film of the Alma telescope.  Higher than any other ground based observatory, located in Chile, is the new ALMA’s only about a third of the dishes in the array are installed as of yet, but ALMA is the most powerful scopes of it’s type. By 2013 all of it’s 66 dishes will be installed, bringing ALMA to full power,  Check out the film describing the telescope.

Back in August of 2010 I reported on this odd little series, a bit more than webisodes but not quite network tv called Pioneer One  it is a viewer supported project that seems to have worked!
There are now five episodes available online.  I have the link online or you can go here   for more episodes plus the original.

What’s a Q-Drive? Well over at Cannae LLC in Pennsylvania,they describe the QDrive as a resonating cavity with design features that redirect the radiation pressure exerted in the cavity to create a radiation pressure imbalance on the cavity. This differential in radiation pressure generates an unbalanced force that creates thrust. The cavity is accelerated without use of propellant.  ooooooooooooooooo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


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Kit St. Germaine



Once again we get into the scaring season in Episode 282.

This week’s story is a true horror piece produced for radio by Kit St. Germain as well as a very talented acting troupe performing- Mr. Bronze from a short story written by Phil Voyd. Heather Brown engineers. And the narrator in the story is Mark Oliver. Ben, the “star” of tonight’s outing is a consummate body builder, working all the way from a literal 90 lb weakling to wining the Mr. Bronze trophy. Everything was going right in his world, that was until he found this weird photo album, then things got decidedly worse.

From the Blog I review Rio the Movie. Unfortunately this Plot-line for this film is something you have seen over and over again, especially in animal based animation. How did I rate it? Well animation is good but the plot is soulless and the studio flips you off with no extras. 6…I suspect everyone was in for a payday on this one. Next I found something interesting in Dvice…..a Princeton Grad Student has created a device that is wired with a complex system of electrical sensors to make the plastic sheet fly?!

Is SpaceX up to picking up space missions of resupply and service in effect privatizing many of the low Earth orbit projects… Antipodean issue 160 is out…. and have you see where Mars Curiosity Rover is going to land? Yeah, inside the Gale crater, this bad boy has a central mountain over 3 miles high and the crater itself is 90 miles across, but still…it is quite a feat of programming.

Of course I could not resist starting the program with news of the October sky and a new song from Anealio called I want a Stormtrooper for Halloween….

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Jason Kahn


This episode for the first week in October 2011, as usual I go in for stories that are seasonal I think you would say.

With that in mind the first story of the evening is the conclusion to The Dark InSpectre written and read by Jason Kahn.  This is episode 17 of Unfinished Business in which our intrepid psychic detective Jack Garrett puts the finishing touches to one of the most horrific murders he has ever seen.

The second story this week is a classic piece from the pages of Analog Magazine call “Am I still Here?” by James R. Hall.  Here, in a tale set into the near future where any and everything can be repaired or replaced in a human body, the question is asked…when do you stop being you and become something or someone else that just thinks it is you?

In news…Earth Sky speaks about water flows on Mars and the makeup of mysterious  rogue waves.  I read the impressions of some NASA astronauts that have taken the ride home in a Soyuz capsule.

From the Blog

Doug Hilton sends us a note on his news short story collection:  How We Play Football in Alabama And Other Short Stories.  Mark Wilson over at About SF writes that The movie Source Code is coming to the small screen as a series.  The giant particle accelerator The Tevatron is shutting down 9/30/11 and a great project becomes victim like SETI, to budget cuts and apathy.

Thats episode 281 of Beam Me Up