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Beam Me Up #293 In Plain Sight ep2 – Kahn + Skinflint Specters – Thompson


Jason Kahn



Expect to be visited by three specters……oh yess…. Ok, this week on episode 293 of Beam Me Up, I manage to get about everything in that I thought would be fun and interesting.

The first story of the evening is episode two of In Plain Sight by Jason Kahn. We again join our favorite psychic detective, Jack Garrett as he once again find himself embroiled in mystery and intrigue.

The second story of the evening is the Skinflint Specters by Brian Thompson which is a retelling of A Christmas Carol in which everything is explainable……or is it?

And from the Beam Me Up blog, I review Infidel by Kameron Hurley which takes place on the planet Umayma, in a future so distance that the colony ship that brought settlers to a terraformed planet are eons rusted hulks and origin has faded into myth and legend.

NASA has discovered a black hole that sets a record for being one of the smallest ever discovered.

MIT research scientist Todd Rider says he’s developed a drug named Draco, which he says has successfully destroyed 15 different viruses in lab trials.

Scientists now of the opinion that detecting Parallel Universes might be  impossible.




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