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Beam Me Up # 298 Turning Back the Clock – Steffen + No Pets… Cumming


David Steffen



Little bit shorter episode this week. I misjudged how long the articles would take, but 298 still runs 50 minutes!

I start with a Librivox read of M. Cumming’s No Pets Allowed. He couldn’t do any real job, so they gave him a job that didn’t require him to do anything….guarding the treasure, and since there were no dishonest people anymore, he couldn’t get into trouble. But he was so far away and nothing to do…so maybe a pet? As long as no one knew…….

At the close of the hour I play Turning Back the Clock by David Steffen. He was too late! Mary was dead. Their life together was over. There was nothing he could do….or was there? If he could only get to the rift……..

Between the stories I go back to the BMU blog. This episode I recognize the crew loss of Apollo 1. Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee all lost their lives to fire brought about by a series of mistakes that proved fatal. But out of that was a little known tribute that you might not have heard about. The iconic voice of the 60s classic Lost in Space’s robot has died. Dick Tufeld who’s famous lines like “Danger, Will Robinson” and “That does not compute” died Jan. 22 he was 85. Asteroid 2012 BX34 makes an extremely close pass! Nasa rover Opportunity is once again gearing up for another mission. Space Adventures’ Eric Anderson, says basically in the commercial below, you give him 150 million and he will send you to the Moon. What Is The Air Force Using the X-37B Space Plane For? Xnewsman sends in some Star Trek gold. Interviews from 1966 of Shatner and Nemoy! In an effort to conserve diminishing power, NASA controllers turned of the heater to the ultraviolet spectrometer instrument aboard the Voyager 1 spacecraft.

and to make sure that I cover all the bases I head back and review the new x-men movie X-Men First Class.






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Beam Me Up #297 Beautiful Dreamer p2 -McKeown + Clock Work e3 – Bassett


Edward McKeown



Wow does it go fast in Beam Me Up episode 297!

I start off with a new Symphony of Science titled  The Greatest Show on Earth and I follow it up with another piece of music – When Will You Die?  from They Might be Giants.

Not slowing a bit I play episode three of Erin Bassett’s Clockwork.  This week, tensions begin to build higher as classes start in earnest and Ester once again finds that she is in the midst of the same group of antagonists. However the mysterious Holland seems to always be at the right place and right time to keep things from spiraling completely out of control. However he seems to know more about Ester than he is letting on!

Next up Ron Huber gives us a great review of Under the Moons of Mars: The new Adventures of Barsoom. Ron gives us a great review of the Simon and Shuster release due out 2/12/12.

And at the bottom of the hour I play the conclusion of Beautiful Dreamer by Edward McKeown
In part 2 Sagawa is confident that her dream will pervail, and Taluma can not muster the confidence to dream her people’s future. But after aiding the human child Brittony to gain memories of her mother she may have gained more than just a grateful child but a powerful ally in the dream!

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Beam Me Up #296 Beautiful Dreamer pt1 – McKeown + In Plain Sight -Kahn




Edward McKeown

Full card this week on Beam Me Up episode 296. Only four episodes away from 300! Yaaaaaaaaa!
Well anyway – this week I start with a new tune from John Anealio’s Season’s Greetings album called “Is a Chupacabra Kosher?” which is every bit as warped as it sounds. Next is episode 3 of the psychic detective arc called In Plain sight by Jason Kahn.

From the beam Me Up blog:

After a 50 year absence from the stage, William Shatner once again is on stage in a one man show, Stephen Kane at NASA’s Science Institute at CalTech is sure that there is every chance that the galaxy can and does support Life, The Russian Phobos Grunt is due to crash and burn sometime this weekend,  with all the Apollo sites on the moon might pose a great temptation to moon tourists, should the sites be protected like a National Park? The new anime series Blade is up and running on G4 each Friday, if you are a fan of either, it would be worth treating yourself! Is it possible that something horrific as a Hypernove was responsible for one of the worst extinction even in Earth history?

Finally our second story is part 1 of Edward McKeown’s Beautiful Dreamer : Sometimes the simplists of tasks will move mountains and all 10 year old Brittony wants is to remember he mother…..


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Beam Me Up #295 Transmutation – Tobias + Lightning Gun – Rydyr


Harris Tobias






This week on episode 295 of Beam Me Up I start with Alexander Perls song Data Base just to get the blood pumping.  Then just to start a slow boil I rant a moment about an old Apollo 13 note book containing some of the calculations Jim Lovell used to bring his battered craft home.   Next a short from Earth Sky asking do meteors make noise when they enter the atmosphere, even Xnewsman says that yes they do and he has experienced it!  Fascinating!

Our first story is a strange tale of time travel and murder called the Lightning Gun by Antoinette Rydyr.

From here we progress to the Beam Me Up Blog for a review of the blu-ray / dvd  of Captain America the First Avenger,  certainly not a terrible movie.  Next I see that ST:TNG is going to get an HD remastering that is truly stunning!  Look for the upgraded video later in 2012.    Did you hear that scientists have succeeded in hiding an object in both space AND time?  Could moons of gas giant planets that are in the habitable zone possibly harbor life?  There are several really big problems on sending people to the stars, I speak on what I think are the top 3 most important and difficult to overcome problems.  Finally what kind of gift do you get the Star Wars Fan just about Everything?  I think I may have found, if not the best choice, the most ….well….I will let you be the judge!

And finally for the last story of the night Transmutation from Harris Tobias


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