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Beam Me Up #296 Beautiful Dreamer pt1 – McKeown + In Plain Sight -Kahn




Edward McKeown

Full card this week on Beam Me Up episode 296. Only four episodes away from 300! Yaaaaaaaaa!
Well anyway – this week I start with a new tune from John Anealio’s Season’s Greetings album called “Is a Chupacabra Kosher?” which is every bit as warped as it sounds. Next is episode 3 of the psychic detective arc called In Plain sight by Jason Kahn.

From the beam Me Up blog:

After a 50 year absence from the stage, William Shatner once again is on stage in a one man show, Stephen Kane at NASA’s Science Institute at CalTech is sure that there is every chance that the galaxy can and does support Life, The Russian Phobos Grunt is due to crash and burn sometime this weekend,  with all the Apollo sites on the moon might pose a great temptation to moon tourists, should the sites be protected like a National Park? The new anime series Blade is up and running on G4 each Friday, if you are a fan of either, it would be worth treating yourself! Is it possible that something horrific as a Hypernove was responsible for one of the worst extinction even in Earth history?

Finally our second story is part 1 of Edward McKeown’s Beautiful Dreamer : Sometimes the simplists of tasks will move mountains and all 10 year old Brittony wants is to remember he mother…..


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