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Nancy Fulda



Very eclectic mix today, but all in all, I think entertaining.

I open this week with a short story from K.J. Kabza called Billions of Stars – a falling star and a wasted wish? What’s a guy to do?

From here I trundle off to the blog, with a bit of a side step to this week’s top stories from Earth – Sky concerning the night sky early in march, water on Mars and activity on the surface of the sun. The Sun is nearing an activity peak that should happen in 2013. From the blog proper: Japanese construction company Obayashi Corp has announced it will have built a space elevator capable of taking passengers to an altitude over 20,000 miles above the Earth, For years of star gazing one of my favorites has been Orion but it seems I may have been in error because what I thought was his sword may be interpreted as something very different indeed! According to the Anime News Network via Topless robot, Warner Brothers studio has licensed the rights to Tite Kubo’s Bleach in hopes of making a live action film, I speak about some future Darwin Award recipients! The Hubble Space Telescope continues to do history making discoveries. Of late Hubble has discovered an extrasolar planet – a true water world. A Dutch company called OrthoMetals recycles metal implants from cremated human bodies – to the tune of 250 tons! The Science Fiction Writers of America have announced the nominees for the 2011 Nebula Awards and Nancy Fulda is in the running with her story Movement which she has given us permission to read the really moving tale on this week’s program. I get part one read this week and will follow with two next week.




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Jason Kahn





This week could have run out of control, but I kept somewhat of a tight hold on the reins, but still, towards the end….things frayed a bit…

Thanks to Mark, I played the proper episode of the Dark Inspectre by Jason Kahn. Last week I played episode 4 which I was sure was the proper episode….Nope. Mark wrote to tell me that I played episode 4 last month! So this week I play episode 5 – Thanks Mark.

But first I lead off with an Indie song from the game “To The Moon”. The song’s title is “Every-thing’s Alright” and it is sung by Laura Shighara. Laura sings all the parts and plays the instruments and I think you will fall right in love with the tune.

From the Beam Me Up Blog – research that black holes may indeed evaporate and that gravity may not be a fundamental force of nature! The Swiss are planning to launch an $11-million satellite called “CleanSpace One” in the near future as a start to cleaning up space junk. NASA activated Robonaut for a first ever robot / human hand shake. oh goodie…….

I take a short break to play the audio of Sagan’s wonderful “Pale Blue Dot” if you have never heard it before, your in for a treat and if you have, the revisit is just as moving. I finish reading from the blog with Topless Robot’s 10 toys with really questionable names and let me tell you it is beyond comprehension how some of these made it through product QC….I mean a game called Ball Buster? Really?

And the final story of the program is the fourth episode of Erin Bassett’s “Clock Work”. I really hope to have more of this extraordinary series in the future.

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Jason Kahn




Listeners of the live show said that this was a bit of a “giggly” episode. Well considering that this was episode 300 I was a bit giddy plus a few of the station’s show hosts were out in studio 3 making sure I didn’t get too serious.

Anyway, this week I play episode four of our favorite Psychic detective Jack Garrett on New Arden in “In Plain Sight”. I then review the movie “I am Number Four” blu-ray and as luck had it
was able to find a cut of one of the songs to play, Adel’s “Rolling in the Deep” is used in the movie very effectively I might add. From there we head back to the Beam Me Up blog and talk about Mars reaching aphelion this week and play a report on the event from Earth Sky. I find a Youtube short that shows a fascinating experiment on-board the ISS concerning of all things, knitting needles and drops of water! Boing Boing posts a link to a decidedly weird video from the band Total Ghost called “Space Station” now what is really funny about this is that SpaceX founder Elon Musk Tweeted this video saying it would be an appropriate theme song for their efforts to get private industry into space. Even though the video is totally out there the mind set is really dead on! Scientists from Russia have finally reached the surface of Lake Vostok more than two miles under Antarctica ice! Back to Earth Sky, I run an article on the discovery of more of brown dwarf class y stars. These stars are some of the more unusual of their class.

Finally I play a story from this month’s Antipodean flash fiction site. This story is called “Love in a Time of Entropy” by Geordie McLeod and is a great short story that I had a great deal of fun reading.

That’s pretty much it for episode 300. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it. Thanks.


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Tobias Buckell







Right out of the blocks I play a news track from John Anealio called Steam Punk Girl.
John has managed once again to produce a fun toe tapping tune. It is always a pleasure
to play his new material.

Next the first story of the afternoon. The Universe Reef by Tobias Buckell which tells the tale
of an alien organism that has invaded Earth with devastating results. Also of note is Tobias
has a new book coming out feb. 28th 2012 called Arctic Rising.

The first news article is from Earth Sky and deals with the discovery of two ancient hominid
skeletons that shows a mix of early hominids and modern humans. Next from the Beam Me Up
blog: a novel new way to look for extra-terrestrial intelligent life, the Grail moon orbiters are
starting operation. The first order of business was the first films from the craft Ebb showing the
far side of the Moon, scientists are making great strides in computer intelligents working towards
hardware that will allow people with with illness, or damage that has otherwise left them mute –
allowing them to speak again, biologists have been able to make headway towards turning ordinary
skin cell / stem cells into brain cells. This research could one day help people with all kinds of
brain injury or disease, Dr. Neal DeGrasse Tyson spoke recently on MSNBC’s Rock Center about
the failing space program. Check out the excerpt from this on the BMU blog.

I had enough time to play another piece of music. I play Creep by Radio Head. For not much more
reason than it is a strange piece, but it really could be a piece used in a science fiction or horror

Oh one more news article, did Meteors bring life to an early Earth? Earth – Sky has a few ideas.

An on to our last story of the program: Life Plus 70 by Key Liu spins time travel and copywrite
trolls in a whole new way!