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Beam Me Up #299 Universe Reef – Buckell + Life +70 – Liu


Tobias Buckell







Right out of the blocks I play a news track from John Anealio called Steam Punk Girl.
John has managed once again to produce a fun toe tapping tune. It is always a pleasure
to play his new material.

Next the first story of the afternoon. The Universe Reef by Tobias Buckell which tells the tale
of an alien organism that has invaded Earth with devastating results. Also of note is Tobias
has a new book coming out feb. 28th 2012 called Arctic Rising.

The first news article is from Earth Sky and deals with the discovery of two ancient hominid
skeletons that shows a mix of early hominids and modern humans. Next from the Beam Me Up
blog: a novel new way to look for extra-terrestrial intelligent life, the Grail moon orbiters are
starting operation. The first order of business was the first films from the craft Ebb showing the
far side of the Moon, scientists are making great strides in computer intelligents working towards
hardware that will allow people with with illness, or damage that has otherwise left them mute –
allowing them to speak again, biologists have been able to make headway towards turning ordinary
skin cell / stem cells into brain cells. This research could one day help people with all kinds of
brain injury or disease, Dr. Neal DeGrasse Tyson spoke recently on MSNBC’s Rock Center about
the failing space program. Check out the excerpt from this on the BMU blog.

I had enough time to play another piece of music. I play Creep by Radio Head. For not much more
reason than it is a strange piece, but it really could be a piece used in a science fiction or horror

Oh one more news article, did Meteors bring life to an early Earth? Earth – Sky has a few ideas.

An on to our last story of the program: Life Plus 70 by Key Liu spins time travel and copywrite
trolls in a whole new way!


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