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Beam Me Up #302 Movement pt1 – Nancy Fulda + Billions of Stars – K J Kabza


Nancy Fulda



Very eclectic mix today, but all in all, I think entertaining.

I open this week with a short story from K.J. Kabza called Billions of Stars – a falling star and a wasted wish? What’s a guy to do?

From here I trundle off to the blog, with a bit of a side step to this week’s top stories from Earth – Sky concerning the night sky early in march, water on Mars and activity on the surface of the sun. The Sun is nearing an activity peak that should happen in 2013. From the blog proper: Japanese construction company Obayashi Corp has announced it will have built a space elevator capable of taking passengers to an altitude over 20,000 miles above the Earth, For years of star gazing one of my favorites has been Orion but it seems I may have been in error because what I thought was his sword may be interpreted as something very different indeed! According to the Anime News Network via Topless robot, Warner Brothers studio has licensed the rights to Tite Kubo’s Bleach in hopes of making a live action film, I speak about some future Darwin Award recipients! The Hubble Space Telescope continues to do history making discoveries. Of late Hubble has discovered an extrasolar planet – a true water world. A Dutch company called OrthoMetals recycles metal implants from cremated human bodies – to the tune of 250 tons! The Science Fiction Writers of America have announced the nominees for the 2011 Nebula Awards and Nancy Fulda is in the running with her story Movement which she has given us permission to read the really moving tale on this week’s program. I get part one read this week and will follow with two next week.




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