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Beam Me Up # 308 Phobic – Kevin Phyland + If It Ain’t Broke pt1 – Maya Kaathryn Bohnoff


Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff




I think you will find episode 308 to your liking. I start right off with a story from the pages of this month’s Antipodean magazine. The very graphic tale of an alien ummmm “visit”. “Phobic” by Kevin J. Phyland. Fair warning, the story contains strong images that some people might find unsettling.

From there I travel over to the blog. I review the blu-ray “Hanna” which I found moderately entertaining, next is a catchy tune called the bio-tech blues, you may not be able to follow all the lyrics, but you still find your toes tapping. Explorers think they have found the booster engines of the Apollo 11 Saturn V rocket in 14,000 feet of water! The opening story came from this month’s Antipodean online flash fiction magazine. I take a moment going down through the rest of the stories available. There is more evidence every day supporting dark energy as the power source driving the galaxies apart. Once again a short piece of music. This time the “Zelda Girl” this time we are treated to 1 voice and one instrument blended through 120 tracks. Peter Hollens does the vocals and Lindsey Sterling does the  violin that and 120 tracks becomes Skyrim, it is truly an amazing piece of work. I have seen trailers on Youtube for a remake of Total Recall without Arnold S. and it looks BETTER! Not so cartoony and fake plastic sets and much better lightening…Might just be watchable!

And finally part one of Maya Kaathryn Bonhnhoff’s If it ain’t broke…. where one scientist has found a way not to be a total clutz all the time… But the solution is not always optimal…

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