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Beam Me Up #310 Bassett’s Clock-Work #5 + Bohnhoff’s If It Ain’t Broke con


Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff



Here is Beam Me Up, episode 310 ready to go!  Not long now before the program will be starting it’s seventh year next month.

As you have or will soon find out, I was not too terribly motivated today to use decorum during the program.  Some weekends I am not all that interested in towing any kind of line and so any chance I got to just be foolish.  Not many instances presented however there were a few.  Case in point I found an opening number from the band Music Fog, which is comprised of Eric Brace and Peter Cooper entertain us with with the antics of an elderly lady who in a moment of indiscretion in her youth opted to get a tattoo.  Music Fog’s ditty is titled “Grandma’s Batman Tattoo”

The first story this week is very anticipated continuation of Erin Bassett’s Clock-Work series.  This week we are treated to episode 5.  The classroom continues to spiral into utter chaos.  In this week’s episode something malevolent has manifested itself and is violently attacking whoever it can, but just what it is belies all defination.

Next, from the blog, As of Now – Astronomers Have No Idea What Causes Cosmic Rays or for that matter even where they come from.  Next – Is Freeman Dyson’s vision possible with the tech we have today?  Some scientists believe that we do, and should start as soon as possible.

There is plenty more on the blog, like an excellent short SF film and Discoveries  last flight, check them out as well.

Last story of the afternoon, the conclusion to Maya Bohnhoff’s  If it ain’t broke…….

Very full hour indeed!

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