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Beam Me Up # 311 New York Minute – McKeown + Reality TV – Dunham


Fox Dunham




Beam Me Up 311 and again it felt like I was all over the place, but in spite of myself, I managed to get a reasonably good show together.

I open the program with a great piece of music. followed by Fox Dunham’s Reality TV a biting satire on entertainment mediums and asks the question, what would it be like if All the World were a stage an all humanity just actors on that stage.

Before I play our final story, I took a trip over to the Beam Me Up Blog. First off, Discovery’s last flight over Washington was such a melancholy event, that I had to speak on it. Then, believe it or not, a middle school teacher of 14 year olds in South Carolina was placed on administrative leave for reading excerpts of Ender’s Game! Andrew Ryan, A researcher at Arizona State University, may have proved that valleys were formed by by lava not water….On February 23, 1987 in the Large Magellanic Cloud a star exploded with enough energy to be seen all the way across the universe. Along with NASA’s Hubble, the ESA photographed recently by the European Space Agency’s Faint Object Camera.

I close this week’s program with A New York Minuted by Edward McKeown. This strange piece of fiction in truth well couched fantasy. The premise is a tall tale told in a pub in down town New York about the strange court held in Central Park. Ron Huber reads this fast paced tale and I know you will love the read.

That’s about it for show 311, I think you will be well entertained.


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