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Beam Me Up # 315 CEO – Edward McKeown + Clockwork ep. 6 – Erin Bassett


Ed McKeown





Quick episode this week…everything moves fast. I start with a new feature I am trying out, each week I will ask a couple of Star Trek trivia questions. This week I answer last week’s question and start the ball rolling once more. You don’t have to DO anything, But if you want to write your answers to me at the Beam Me Up mail box address is

Up Next is our first story of the afternoon Clockwork episode #6 by Erin Bassett and things are getting IN TER RESTING!

From the first story, I got to an article on Earth-Sky speculating that there is such a thing as environmental evolution? And From the Beam Me Up blog:

Space X’s Dragon docks with the ISS, researchers have succeeded in taking skin cells and transforming them into beating heart tissue, I list a short list of the 2011 Nebula Awards winners and A nineteen year old college student has invented a way to take advantage of the Casimir-polder force!

Finally I play CEO a story of self discovery in the oddest of places by Ed McKeown.



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