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Sally Ride







Here we are again for another week of Beam Me Up. This week in episode 324, I start off with an article posted by Kallamis who noted that we have lost one of our greatest scientific and space …I have to say it…heroes Sally Ride . I note how little recognition Mz. Ride received for being the United States’ first woman in space among many other accomplishments.


Next is our first story of the afternoon. I had started reading some golden age science fiction only to discover that Librivox had both of these excellent pieces of fiction already available, so what had started as a celebration of some of the early days of written fiction, instead becomes additionally an example of some of the great fiction available on Librivox!


The first story is “I am a Stranger here Myself” by Mac Reynolds.


Fast on the heals of our first story is Star Trek Trivia. I answer last week’s questions and ask two more more trivia questions.


This week I found 3 very good article from Earth Sky that really cover a variety of scientific questions.
I am certain you will enjoy this week’s Earth Sky section.


The final article from the blog was an excellent run down of the newest Mars exploratory vehicle called the Mars Mobile Vehicle or Curiosity that is due to land on Mars the sixth of August and there is supposed to be close to live broadcasting as they can get it. Of course there has been some confusion about how live “live” will be, but I am just anxious to see that it arrives healthy!


And finally another Librivox offering called Cully by Jack Egan which details a very mysterious walk across the ocean bottom.








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apollo 11 Boot print


Beam Me Up episode 323 for July 21 2012 is up and running!

My rant this week was, I went around and asked some people so what do you know about July 20th? Can you think of anything exciting? I want to thank Xnewsman for breaking the ice on this one because I had ranted before and nada. If you remember great, if not listen to the podcast….nuff said.

Let’s talk about audio fiction.

This week we have a couple of short works that I am sure will keep you interested. The first is “What if /2” by Christine Gladstone, which tell the story of a classic science thought experiment from a VERY unique perspective. The closing story this week is “Shipwrecked” by Mark Webb. Again a very classic tale with a unique perspective. Here is an advanced race of interstellar explorers who are judging Humanity’s fitness to join the galactic federation, by devising a conclusive test that no one can fail to understand. But what happens if there be dragons?

From Christine’s story I proceed straight to Star Trek Trivia, where each week I ask a couple of new trivia questions from the iconic original Star Trek. The Earth Sky website had three great questions in this week’s download file (not to say that the rest were not interesting, however did not really pertain to this week’s material) and I am sure you will want to go to Earth_Sky for more!

This week for review: I managed to get a copy of the newest “hero” dvd. By that I mean, the Black Panther is a relatively new player in the overall DC Comic lineup and recently I have seen this character showing up more and more short / and featurettes. Eventually I discovered that Black Panther was a BET original with Stan Lee, so you will find more details and a information about the episodes and the dvd.

From the Beam Me Up blog I found a youTube video of the Batman tv show window gags. Dave Sholes’ book Alien Hunter / Star Trooper is also reviewed. I should have done it when I played his story Intervention which is in part a telling of the aftermath of a great war (check out episode 320 for the short story) Where Alien Hunter tell the tale of the war itself! The blog ( will really be a great resource as is this podcast in finding out more of where to get it and what it reads like! Before I play the last story this week, I close with my feelings on the loss of Eureka. If you have read the blog you know that I am not a happy camper….well….that’s only the start.

And of course the close is Shipwrecked.


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Jason Kahn



Hot in the studio once again so you will find things were a bit goofy today. But all in all I think that the program was good it was just that the ebs keep chiming in so when I edited it all out there was only 49 minutes when I really DID go the whole hour…promise!

My start off story this week was a piece of flash fiction from the pages of this month’s Antipodean. New author to Beam Me Up Jake Wikenhofer and I read his story Safety Features. I close with Jason Kahn’s In Plain Sight episode 10.

From the blog and other places, we first have our Star Trek Trivia questions. I am having great fun with this one…eventually I suspect some with start emailing answers but you know, I think I would do it anyway! Next a rather off the wall weather report. The video was fun but I play the audio on the program and that alone is totally funny! Well they have found something that fits the bill as Dr Higgs Boson, but what I found entertaining yesterday was some clever soul put the particle data set to music! He may have taken liberties with the music but I have to admit it IS entertaining. Randall XKCD Munroe has started a blog called What If and his first question is really fun! Then our newest editor Kallamis asks a very basic question WTF Happened?! Instead of just telling you about it, because the submission is so provoking, I read the post during the program. we got lucky this week with three really good articles from EarthSky which I play. Earth Sky really is a great place for short and long news articles!

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Well this week’s 800 lb gorilla was the confirmation of the discovery of the Higgs bosun particle. I swear, I don’t spend all afternoon fixated on that one subject however. But is was certainly worth a mention.

First however is a story by CrystalWizard. not only does CW support the podcast above and beyond, she has also been known to contribute an excellent tale as well. This week we have a chilling piece called Home Sweet Home.

Quick on the heels of CW’s work is the ongoing Star Trek trivia with two new question this week.

From EarthSky is a short piece of news about NASA’s planned Curiosity Rover due to land on Mars in August of 2012. Curiosity is a giant leap forward in technology over the past platforms. Curiosity is as large as a small car and has a scientific load rivaling many universities!

From the Beam Me Up blog, An international team of scientists say they have found a massive impact crater in Greenland a billion years older than other known asteroid impact on Earth. Antipodean iisue 169 now online with a host of really wonder flash fiction this month. Copenhagen Suborbitals tested its liquid propellant TM65 engine which is the largest liquid fueled engine build by private funding. The film I have online is really quite impressive showing the engine on a static frame and being fired. Very impressive! Former astronaut “Rusty” Schweickart and other scientific professionals of the B612 Foundation report that they are on tract to map the roughly one million Earth crossing asteroids that exist in the inner Solar System and possibly pose a threat to Earth. B612 plans to launch the infrared space telescope call Sentinel, with in the next five years to start the mapping process. And much more. Plus much more….including the Japanese product that belies description! Enjoy!