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Beam Me Up #328 Dive pt1 – Ed McKeown + All That Touches Air con – An Owomoyela


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This week on episode 328 of Beam Me Up I start with the new remix of John Anealio’s George RR Martin is not your bitch in his new electronic remix.

The first story this week is part four and conclusion of All That Touches Air by An Owomoyela. Ron Huber continues his great read of this exciting story.

I do a quick review of Armored from Baen Books edited by John Joseph Adams. This book contains over 20 stories that explore all the variation an armored suit can take in different environments and worlds. If you like this type of fiction you will not be disapointed by this collection!

Next on the list is Star Trek Trivia where I answer last week’s questions and pose new ones!

I follow this up with a couple of really good Earth Sky articles.

During earth_sky listener Barry called to tell me that he had just heard that Neal Armstrong had just passed due to complications from his heart surgery earlier this month. Needless to say, the tone of the program changed a bit.

I take a trip over to the blog to cover some of the other stories that have peaked interest. One is a facinating article of observation of a pair of super massive black holes from the Chandra X-ray telescope! That and more!

For the last story, I will be featuring Edward McKeown in September. To get the ball rolling I play part one of The Dive which has an excellent narrator who does a fantastic job. I can almost bet you will enjoy this 7 part effort!

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