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Beam Me Up # 331 Odenforce – David Scholes + The Dive pt4 – Ed McKeown


David Scholes




Episode 331 of Beam Me Up, for all intents, put itself  together this week.  I was sure that there was not enough
material to take us past 40 minutes.  Ha!  Well it manages to make it to the top of the hour no problem.


First off is a kickin piece of music, Science Fiction & Familen by Nephew, which sets the spirit of this week’s
program, which never seems to slow back down.


Next is the first story offering of the afternoon.  David Scholes sends in a story in his Multiverse / Asgard universe, called ODENFORCE  which deals with a very special history class at the beginning or maybe the end of time.
Of Odin and Thor a search through the ages.  Music from Kevin Macleod


I go next to Star Trek Trivia with the answers to last week’s trivia questions and two new questions for this week.


I tap Earth Sky once again for a couple of very interesting science.  First, What exactly IS Earth glow and the second article, evidence of a star consuming its’  planets has been observed.


From the Sept.17th 2012 issue of NewsWeek I find an article that deals with a cell’s “junk” DNA which now has been proved to be far more inportant to how a cell runs than was  ever suspected before which may lead to a whole new class of medical treatment!


A couple of close encounters with a pair of Earth crossing asteroids that had JUST been discovered.


finally from the blog, I just had enough time to mention my review of Marvel’s Ultimate Avengers one and two direct to DVD movies.


The final story of the afternoon is part four of Edward McKeown’s “the Dive”. We now have an idea of what is coming as the enemy is met deep in the tunnel network, and what is coming is possibly the end of humanity itself.

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