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Beam Me Up #337 Happy Halloween – Colin Davies + Blog news


Colin P. Davies












On the last show for Beam Me Up in October, once again is out traditional Halloween story, Happy Halloween by Colin P. Davies. If you haven’t heard this story yet you are in for a treat! Colin went all out with this one and Crystal Wizard studios has done a masterful mix! In its’ third year, it continues to hold up and I am sure you will see why I feel it is one of the best stories for a season, that we have ever run.


But first up: Did you remember that Lost In Space had two theme music scores? I found the one that was played from year one to four, but there was another.


Ever been asked why is the sky blue or black at night?  Think you got the answer? You may only be part right!

I dial it back for a sec to do Star Trek Trivia once again.


Nissan in an effort to improve the comfort of their car’s ride are trying to emulate the texture of a very unusual substance…

With the advent of 3d-printing – scientist suggest that DNA and Drug manufacture can not be far behind and the implications are staggering!


That and much more this week on Beam Me UP!


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Beam Me Up #336 In Plain Sight #13 – Kahn + The Devil Wears… – Webb


Mark Webb

Well I was accused of going on at length with this week’s program, but there are always something that will set just about anyone off, and it just so happens that there were a few this week!  But all in all, I didn’t fall asleep this week, so I must have been interesting! I start off with a funny one liner that xnewsman sent in.  From there I have one of Family Guy’s segways that may not have much to do with science and fiction, but everything to do with supercilious public radio! If you can’t poke fun at yourself?  You know?  Mark Webb adds another story in his interstellar government functionary arc.  The Earth has been destroyed and the Humans that were lucky enough to be off planet are now only capable of the lowest form of menial labor…Mark Webb’s The Devil Wears Shapeless Ugly Garments, Covered in Dog Hair.   The Earth is far from quiet in space.  Not the spurious noises caused by man but the various other magnetic and electrical noises that are constantly emitted by the globe.  You will be amazed at what it sounds like! Earth/Sky again spins up with some fascinating facts about Pole Wander, which I had never heard about but it is fascinating.  From there I take us right into a new Star Trek trivia! This week’s review is the movie “Battleship” based on, of all things, the board game of the same name…oh yes. China has the idea that virtual supermarkets are the thing!  13 thousand square feet of empty racks filled with virtual goods!  I am serious!  And you won’t believe the company that has invested heavily in this idea….. Finally,  from the fertile imagination of Jason Kahn id the newest episode of In Plain Sight.  This week episode 13 “Home to Roost. These and other subject this week on Beam Me Up # 336

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Beam Me Up #335 Skull Island – Bart Meehan + The Last line – Kevin Pickett



You know that Chinese curse that says, may you live in interesting times….Think about it… and know that is what this weekend’s time in the studio was like!

But through adversity comes greatness?….I can not believed I just typed that! lol! Really did manage to get a show out that I feel is quick and interesting.

This week, Episode #335 – I start with a bit of fluff, from the anime series Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne, I play the closing music called “Hello” by Megumi Nakajima. It is fun and sets the mood really well for the rest of the afternoon.

Next a fun piece from Bart Meehan “Welcome to Skull Island” A bit of alternative timeline story in which Kong is real and resides on of course Skull Island in a very Juassic  abode.  Mix in a petulant five year old and you have a recipe for discomfort! lol

Star Trek trivia is next on the roll with two new questions.  Lets’ go people.  I have had no solves in 3 programs!  What’s up with that Trekkies?

Three great articles from Earth Sky are on tap!  From sun diving comets to sailing lakes of liquid methane!

A few quick items from the blog and then off to the next short story.  This week’s ending is “The Last line” by Kevin Pickett.  Kevin’s story combines the pain of unendurable loss with a most inventive healing process!

And surprise!  It is not the end of the program, because Xnewsman stopped by to talk about a statement by Leon Panetta concerning the lack of cyber security in the United State, and such a lapse could lead to an attack that would be more devastating than Pearl Harbor!  Shocking stuff indeed!

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Beam Me Up #334 The Dive con.- McKeown + In the Service of the Public – Webb


Edward McKeown

Episode 334 of Beam Me Up is at hand! This week, I tie up one story arc, start another small one and an anime fan joins me to talk about a movie we just watched.
First I open with the Bare-naked Ladies doing their theme song for the television show Big Bang Theory.
The first story of the afternoon is Mark Webb’s In the Service of the Public.  This story an Earth diplomat in service to an inter-galactic government. Webb has managed to make the subject entertaining and even develop a small story arc.  As odd a subject this would seem, from what I have read so far that no matter how things change and evolve there is always a functionary some where keeping the  “machinery” rolling.  Webb seems to have captured the essence of the true architects of empire.  We will see as the Interstellar Coalition Public Service and the Aazork public service evolves. My reading is a little rough however.  It was a last minute addition to this week’s line up.
Next is a couple of really excellent science article from Earth Sky dealing with the Van Allen radiation belts and the Tunguska event.
Then it is time once again for Star Trek Trivia.  Two new questions this week.
If you are an anime fan and have seen the Tri Gun series or even if you haven’t, you are going to want to take a listen to our review of the Tri gun movie Badlands Rumble which is an excellent to the TriGun universe or an excellent return to the Vash the Stampede universe.  Anime fan and listener to the program Jeremey joins me to talk about the movie and the TriGun series in general.  I know I had a great time,  and I hope you have just as much entertainment!
David Sholes has a new collection of short stories called Speculative Fiction: The Ultimate Collection.  Dave sent over a copy of the collection for me to take a look at.  Since it was a nice mix of stories we have seen on BMU and new I thought a review was in order.
Ron posts an article about the Curiosity rover and many other of our equipment still out there doing science.  As new and as cutting edge they are, the probes and rovers are held together by tech, thousands of years old!
Finally I play the conclusion of Edward McKeown’s excellent story “The Dive”.  Everything moves ultra fast in this week’s final.  I think you will agree that this has been one of the better written and narrated series the show is running.
That and some other foolishness this week on episode 334 of Beam Me Up!

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