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Beam Me Up #337 Happy Halloween – Colin Davies + Blog news


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On the last show for Beam Me Up in October, once again is out traditional Halloween story, Happy Halloween by Colin P. Davies. If you haven’t heard this story yet you are in for a treat! Colin went all out with this one and Crystal Wizard studios has done a masterful mix! In its’ third year, it continues to hold up and I am sure you will see why I feel it is one of the best stories for a season, that we have ever run.


But first up: Did you remember that Lost In Space had two theme music scores? I found the one that was played from year one to four, but there was another.


Ever been asked why is the sky blue or black at night?  Think you got the answer? You may only be part right!

I dial it back for a sec to do Star Trek Trivia once again.


Nissan in an effort to improve the comfort of their car’s ride are trying to emulate the texture of a very unusual substance…

With the advent of 3d-printing – scientist suggest that DNA and Drug manufacture can not be far behind and the implications are staggering!


That and much more this week on Beam Me UP!


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