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Beam Me Up # 338 Trathh – The Sequel – Dave Scholes













After the opener for episode 338, I play a cut that I haven’t played in like forever, Karma by Kokia.  Very powerful music.

From there, I head right over to the beam Me Up blog.

From  a study by the London Society for the promotion of Christian Knowledge. They published a paper in  1895 on a phenomenon  called the Worthington Jet…be prepared is all I can say.

How about this shocker, Disney acquires all of Lucas Industries properties lock stock and barrel!

I review the animated straight to dvd “The New Avengers”  After Ultron decimates the Avengers, their children are hidden away, so Ultron can not find and kill them.  You will not believe who is their caretaker!

NASA is experimenting with a totally revolutionary system to bring returning re-entry capsules to a safe landing.  A system to replace parachutes.

Kallamis post a review of the live action The Dark Nintendoverse – There Will Be A Brawl, which left me stunned that something this horrible could be made.  You be the judge!

Finally the story I read this week is a continuation of Dave Scholes “Trathh” story arc.  This week is Trath the Sequel, which, believe it or not, it better than the first installment!  Dave is really getting into the swing with his ancient, near godlike characters from a long dead civilization.  I know I am looking for more!

That’s episode 338 of Beam Me Up.  Enjoy!

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