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Beam Me Up #343 Call Me Joe pt5 – Poul Anderson + In Plain Sight pt15 – Jason Kahn


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Wow, what a confusing day at the podcast.  This will give you a hint…I had to totally remix i twice when I got to my own home recorder.  But anyway – I open with some Christmas music.  I play “I want the Mellium Falcon for Christmas by John Anealio of
My first article asks what laws of robotics should robots use.  I use a slightly offbeat answer buy asking what laws?!
Next is the first story of the afternoon.  Poul Anderson’s “Call Me Joe” pt5.

Earth Sky had some really good articles this week, from giant stars to galactic collisions.

Followed by Star Trek Trivia

I start the blog with my review of The Amazing Spider Man and my review is a bit less than stellar.  From there there are articles about what NASA has in store after the Curosity rover,   I think all were a bit disapointed with the release of Curosity’s SAM lab data, which is certainly not for the history books.  Wanna go to the moon?  well if you have a spare 1.5 billion you can according to start up Golden Spike.  and a Darwin should have been.

Finally In Plain Sight ep16 by Jason Kahn is our closing story of the afternoon!

Enjoy episode 343 of Beam Me Up


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