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Beam Me Up #350 Epilog – Wornen + In Plain Sight #16 – Kahn

Julie with Bush Baby

Julie with Bush Baby














Our first offering this week on BMU I play The robot is broken by Calieb Onion which turns our to be a melancholy piece. Next I start doing Star Trek Trivia and travel straight into Jason Kahn’s moody Physic detective yarn on New Eaden call In Plain sight, this week episode 16.

Next Earth Sky, this week I have about about 5 articles from Mars moons to spider brains.

The Movie Looper is the next movie I review.

did you hear the one about Schrodinger and Heisenberg, its funny …trust me!

Sometime I do things not thinking ahead. I found a film that was produced by folks absolutely sure the moon landing had been faked! We all had great fun tearing into this gem.

Oh did you hear about the original Batmobile, driven by that iconic and campy 1960s Batman – sold at auction? You won’t believe how much!

Since the live show was pretty mangled over the past few weeks.  I decided to end with a brand new story by a brand new author!  This weeks last story is Epilog by Julie Wornan. Julie and her particularly unique form of fiction are amazing and entertaining.

I came out of the story with a few minutes, so I returned to the blog with an article that I guess had been making the rounds on various websites. It seems that a British daily reported that a Harvard professor was looking for a woman to host a cloned Neanderthal!

And Deep Space Industries is convinced that they have what it takes to mine the asteroids for precious minerals for a variety of projects. I give you the run down and some links of interest!

Finally  Kallamis put together a file of insults that all of us that watched the 60s Lost in Space remember Dr. Smith who was forever zinging the robot with the most outragious insults. It all but made the show! I said that listeners owe it to themselves to head over to the blog, if for nothing else than this!

And that covers my hour! Enjoy.


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Beam Me Up # 349 Tribute read by Doug Turnbull + Last Resort pt1-Stephen Bartholomew

Doug Turnbull

Doug Turnbull









This week on BMU episode 349 I open with Initial D Stage 2’s opening music “Blazin Beat” by Move.

Next I play a short story by a new author to Beam Me Up, Doug Turnbull.  Doug reads his story “Tribute”.

An article from Earth Sky is next, with a fascinating with story on the “Iron Man” meteor. Earth Sky is just full of this kind of fascinating material.

Then off to the BMU blog.  I start with with an online add that goes terribly wrong with a simple typo.

SyFy again plants head well into their posteriors with the news that Alphas is not returning….room for more wrasslin.

Ever hear of the blob fish?  No?  Then you have got to check out some of the material on really strange animals that will have you askin yourself what is up with evolution anyway?!!!

ESA has a experiment planned for 2022 that will take a pair of crafts out to a near Earth object to see if in deed you can nudge one and change it’s course.  I have more details and information on the experiment.

Remember Big Dog from Boston Dynamics?  Well they have build an even larger device the size of a cow or there abouts…how long huh? How long before someone tries to ride it…yeah?

Bigelow has received an ok to attach a module to the ISS.  Bigelow you remember has already flown two earlier modules with great success.  They may just have something with their unusual structures.

On the Blog, we have been having a great discussion as to what does the universe look like a near the speed of light.  The podcast lets you in on some of the ideas flying around.

IBM’s Watson was loaded with the urban language dictionary recently and began soon after to ummm “use” the information it gathered and salted some of its responses in like form which turned out to be a bit nervewracking! lol

Plus a few other articles.

I finish this week with part 1 of Last Resort by Stephen Bartholomew from Analog 1963

That’s about it!  Enjoy!


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Beam Me Up #348 Healthy Eating – K.S.Dearsley














This week on episode 348 of Beam Me Up: after an opening track I review Dark Knight Rises.


After the review, I read read the 2012 Darwin award nominations. If you are not familiar with the award, these are given to people who voluntarily remove themselves from the gene pool and do so in a particularly stupid fashion.
I find an article suggesting that there are many sol class stars and a great majority contain Earth class planets.
From there I get in a few Earth Sky articles. This week there is some really great articles on comets!
One of the very first extra-solar planets that was ever photographed has been confirm! It has again been photographed in the sun’s huge debris ring.
Information on the new “pelican” LTA vehicle that look very much like a ufo and the Pentagon says that it well could be an “intelligence” platform…hummm
I close this week’s program with as story by K.S. Dearsley

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Beam Me Up #347 David Scholes – Equalization

David Sholes

David Sholes











In the first episode in 2013 – 347 – I open with the theme
music from the award winning anime feature film “The Girl Who
Lept Through Time” After which I review the film.

From there I have several peices from Earth Sky which are
facinating from asteroid impacts to Milky Way as a barred

Next it is two new questions in the Star Trek Trivia segment.
This week I again test your knowledge of Captain Kirk.

From there I head over to be Beam Me Up Blog

Nasa is thinking of giving the moon its’ own moon for
astronauts a place to work and practice on. Hey, how do you
know the Earth is Round huh? Check out this explaination of a
few ideas. Astronomers have found a “baby” planet. Russia is
still working on a Moon capable craft. The ISS is getting LEDs
not just for power saving but for crew health!

Then it is time for David Scholes’ story Equalization.



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