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Beam Me Up # 363 No Great Magic pt1 – Fritz Leiber

Fritz Leiber

Fritz Leiber












Wow does Beam Me Up episode 363 steam right along this week!

It was really a case of not being able to get a word in sideways because of all the stuff I had planned!

I start by well raving a bit about the new spaceport….but mediate it some with the closing song to season one’s A Scientific Rail-gun called “Dear My Love” I know, but it is a toe tappin tune that makes for a cool piece. I like the anime as well even though it incorporates all the standard High School short skirt big …..eyes, pantie fixation and odd powers. But something about the characters is captivating. Hey it is no High School of the Dead…but then few are.

Earth Sky this week covers Cassini’s work at Saturn’s moon Titan and who can get bored about any information about the mysterious and weird as the harmless sounding as a white dwarf?

Star trek trivia is next on the card. This week, Tribbles the open monologue, the premiere episode?

Kallimus again collects some of the top science and science-fiction news, which I read. Meteorites and space junk among others this week.

This week I though some golden age science fiction might be in order. No Great Magic ch.1 by Fritz Leiber from the Librivox project.

See? Like I said, little over an hour and it steams! Enjoy!



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