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Beam Me Up # 364 Trathh: Final Confrontation pt1 – Scholes + No Great Magic Ch2 – Fritz Leiber

David Sholes

David Sholes











This week I start off with a new track from John Anealio called Zombinista which has a decidedly 50s or 60s zombie flick.

Next I read Kallamis’ weekly run down of weekly happenings.

First it’s Curiosity’s return to operation. Next it is alien planets tidally locked planets orbiting red dwarf stars. In Sci-fi news the st-tng’s bridge is being rebuilt. TMNT are NOT aliens it would seem! Fantastic Four reboot may be problematic?

I do a follow up on space trash. This week we learn that the Fermi space telescope was almost destroyed by space junk!

David Scholes sends in a new story in the Trathh arc. “Trathh: The Final confrontations” Due to the run time, I was only able to play the first part.

In Earth_Sky news, Cassini has returned some exciting news on Titan. Jovian Trojan asteroids are in the news this week and maybe the discovery of the worlds oldest Dinosaur records.

IBM researchers have created a film that sets the records for the smallest stop motion film.

I review the anime movie Redline which is an over the top racing movie.

Hey, have you heard about Google’s Glass? The head mounted computer that Google has great hopes for.

NASA has extended their contract with Russian space services for a mind numbing…weeeeeeeeell it is half of what a stealth bomber cost…so maybe not numbing, it is just money that could have served a better purpose….like doing it ourselves..hummm?

And finally – in our flash from the past – chapter 2 of Fritz Leibers No Great Magic!

And that folks is the podcast. Yes, I know it is a bit longer than the radio program, but I wanted to add in several features, that I didn’t have time for on the radio.

Enjoy, and thanks for listening.

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