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David Sholes

David Sholes






I open the program this week with a short tribute to one of the masters of science fiction / horror Richard Matheson who pass away recently. Some of my earliest memories in the field were Matheson creations.

After an anime musical interlude and news on the Supreme Court ruling on patenting genes.

The first story of the afternoon is part two of In The Mourning pt2 by Edward McKeown.

From the BMU blog:

Data from Voyager 1 is posed to truely enter interstellar space.
Researchers question NASA’s spacecraft steralization proceedures.
Researchers may have found a way to make a working deflector shield.  And inventors have developed a flying bike…Really!

The closing story David Scholes’ story Trath: Return of the Quellers.

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Ed McKeown

Ed McKeown









Beam Me Up episode 371 humps along fairly well, so I guess there is some entertainment value!

After a quick musical interlude, it is time for episode 21 of  Jason Kahn’s Dark InSpectre series.  Inspector Jack continues to track an extremely dangerous killer.

I move on to Star Trek Triva.  I have a few of Mudd’s Women questions left so those and a few others make up this portion.

From the BMU blog Kallamis again comes through with his weekend review.  Covered are the newest crop of astronaut trainees, mold on the ISS? Mars had an oxygen rich armosphere?  Looking ahead to the newest Riddic movie and reviewers are going hard on the new Man of Steel movie, Logan’s Run movie still seems to be in limbo, Is China hiding the proof that aliens are real?!!!

And I end with the first part of Edward McKeown’s story In the Mourning.

Thanks for listening….

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David Sholes

David Sholes









Well here we are!  Another week gone by and it is time for Beam me up episode 370.

I start this week I open with what I like to call a conversation but others would classify as a rant  ***sigh*** How about we split the difference and call it a conversation with passion?  No? Well anyway, a listener pointed me in the direction of a news article concerning recent additions to the passenger list of Virgin Galactic.

Next I was having some difficulty talking, I play a nice musical selection which leads to the the first story of the afternoon David Scholes “The Rise & Rise of Grey Power”.

I open the book on Star Trek Trivia.  This week – Mudd’s Women.

Now I meandered over to the Beam Me Up blog.  This week, articles about China’s space effort and Andromeda it seems has a plethora of black holes in its core. From the weekly rundown, Nuclear  spacecraft engines, It seems that some gullies On Mars were not made with water, news on NASA’s Sun Jammer solar sail as well as discussion on Lagrangian points.

Then it is time for the conclusion of “No Great Magic”.

That’s it for this week.  Enjoy!


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Author Editor Kallamis

Author Editor Kallamis



It is time once again for Beam Me Up episode 369.  This week’s stories are a new one by a new author to BMU and continuing our multi-chapter sci-fi classic.

But first some music. This week “Dear, My Friends” the closing music for the anime series “A Certain Scientific Railgun”. Performed by Elisa.  I know it is sugar sweet, but it is one on my favorite anime songs.

Then I thought, what the heck, lets do some Star Trek trivia….

For the first story, I play chapter seven of Fritz Leiber’s No Great Magic.

Over to the Beam Me Up blog a is Kallamis’ weekly rundown.  He finds an article about a huge proposed telescope called Colossus that would be so huge it could see cities on a planet 70 ly away! Plus an article that suggests that life was started by cometary impacts!  The Mars Society wants to study long term effect of space fligh and confinement by simulating a 1 year Mars Mission.  The facility they want to use is on Dvon Island in the upper latitudes of Canada.  The “astronauts” will be doing field studies as well as maintenance of the habitat.  What makes this unusual is they have to doi it in full space suits.  They estimate the cost of this “dry run” would be a million dollars. That and more.

The finale this week is “A World’s New Destiny” by Kallamis.

That’s the week.  Enjoy

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Robert Lee Frazier

Robert Lee Frazier












Beam Me Up for another week! yaaaaaaaaa! Episode 368 is on the
bubble this week. This episode is taken up with two longish
story episodes and so there wasn’t much time for other material,
but I managed to squeeze in some good stuff. If you happened to
have listened to the radio broadcast, you might have noticed
that I cut the last story short to fit into the hour, it is
complete here in the podcast.

So, I start off with the closing song to an anime series Pet
Girl, which is proving to be a bit better than your average
teenage high school angst/harem anime series. The song: Prime
Number by Yume no Tsuzuki.

I then review the anime series Eden of the East which is mile
ahead of your average anime series.

Fritz Leiber’s No Great Magic chapter six is the first story.
This is being read by the Librivox readers which will give you a
change from my reading.

Hey Hey I manage to get in a couple of questions from Trek book
which is always fun.

I head back to the Beam Me Up blog to read about the Mars
Rodent.., Iron from meteoroid impacts, Live action Akira? Ain’t
happening!, Hunter Prey is reviewed by Kallamus which he really
liked as well.

And I wind up with Robert Lee Frazier’s s excellent story The
hunted. I am sure you will like it as much as I did.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy!