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Beam Me Up #379 Dave pt3 – Dean Giles




After a short rant on what I consider real spaceflight, I start the program proper with the opening theme from the anime series Gunslinger Girls, Karma sung my Kokia.

From there I take out my trusty Star Trek quiz book for more questions about one of the best episodes of the series.  Minagerie.

From the BMU blog:

I review the movie Iron Man 3 which in my book far surpassed IM2.  Next, what I would call a truly bionic leg is being tested and this thing looks good!  Curiosity find H2O!!! But no luck on methane.  Comet Ison is generating a great deal of interest.

Finally part 3 of Dave by Dean Gills.

Thats about it.  Enjoy!

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Beam Me Up #378 Dave pt2 – Dean Giles

Voyager space craft

Voyager space craft











Beam Me Up episode 378 for September 21 2013.  This week I invited Steve Tuttle to join me.  Steve is a comic enthusiast and I haven’t really followed comics since the 60s.  Steve gives us a short history run down as to what he feels is really exciting in today’s comic venue and some things to look forward to in the near future.

After a short music interlude, I slide over to the Beam Me Up blog ( It would seem now that the Voyager 1 controversy can at last be put to bed.  It would seem that on a recent NASA launch there was a most unlikely passenger…well maybe passenger is too strong a word.

A group of present and former students from University of Maine are planning on making history in the near future.

Then it is off to part 2 of Dean Giles’ story Dave.

Have fun, Enjoy

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Beam Me Up #377 Dave – Deal Giles + Long Shot – Kevin Phyland

Kevin J. Phyland

Kevin J. Phyland









Wow, Beam Me Up episode 377, that is what three in a row without self-destructing again!  Hey I am on a roll here!

Sooooooo couple of stories on tap this week as well as Star Trek trivia and news from the blog.

The first story for the afternoon is Kevin Phyland’s ‘Long Shot’  I follow that up directly with Star Trek Trivia.  This week, part one of  ‘Menagerie’

Finally getting caught up on the news articles, so from the blog:  First Kallamus does his weekly rundown with some really good news, life may have come from Mars to Earth…, I post a short video of a add for a tv screen, but how they show how good the screen’s resolution really is…..well you can’t help but laugh and I think only Japan could get away with this,  one of the largest shield volcanos in the solar system has been discovered and it is right here on Earth!

Finally for the afternoon…Part 1 of Dean Giles “Dave”

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Beam Me Up # 376 Against the Empire – David Scholes

David Sholes

David Sholes









In this weeks program episode 376, I start with a discussion on science and a note from listener Nelson concerning how computers have changed since we were in high school and working on the “trash” 80s from Tandy.  Boy I used to hang out in Radio Shack just to see the computers…and maybe touch one! lol anyway this leads me into my first “review” of the afternoon.

I watched “Escape From New York” again this weekend mostly to see some of the special effects and just to see what tech Carpenter thought might endure towards the closing years of the 20th century.  The movie is certainly a time capsule on so many levels,  plus it gave me an excuse to play the theme song of the movie.

I try my hand at some Star Trek Trivia, some interesting facts from “The Corbomite Maneuver”

And in an effort to catch up with some of the material I just couldn’t get to last week, I play the newest offering from

Symphony of Science which features Morgan Freeman and of course Neal DeGrasse Tyson…you know you want to hear Monsters of the Cosmos!

From the BMU Blog Kallamus bemoans the loss of the Kepler Space Telescope and the overall reaction to the loss of a great platform.  Next, new findings show that Voyager may have in fact left the solar sytem….NASA says no, but others say yes….

Finally a new chapter in the Trathh series….Against the Empire.

That’s about it!  Enjoy!

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Beam Me Up # 375 Star Bright – Tsana Dolichva

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong




Welcome to episode 375 of Beam Me Up.  That’s right, NEW Episode!

This week I start with Plain White T-s singing their Pet Cemetery which is the theme song for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie.  I do have to break over and review Burton’s stop motion treatment of the Frankenstein’s monster theme.  To be honest, I enjoyed the film.  I like Burton’s stop motion offerings and he didn’t cheap out.

From the blog:

NASA scrubs an eva for a most unusual reason.  How to train Your Dragon number two is due to be released.  3D printing is really taking off in a great way….NASA is experimenting printing various parts in critical areas of space craft (at present engine parts)  that might make in flight repairs possible on more complicated systems.

Newly discovered moon around Neptune?  Transcript from Apollo 10 finally available.  Asteroids the movie?  Should the Apollo / Moon sites be protected like national parks….?

1 year on Mars for Curiosity!  Neil Arstrong’s birthday in August….  Along with Mr. Schrodinger….here kitty kitty…..

Computers that think like humans……not software but completely new hardware…  T anyone?  T1000 that is.

Is the universe truly expanding?

Why Russian astronauts dread preflight….

NASA wants to auction off the MLPs…..honest!

Our story is Star Bright by Tsana Dolichva…..a great piece of flash fiction from Antipodean online magazine.

Plenty of thought provoking news and a great story too boot!  Enjoy!

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