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Beam Me Up # 380 Clockwork – Bassett + D.A.V.E. – Giles





So, sorry for the delay. But I wanted to make sure that I gave everyone enough time to make sure that everything is right.  Then you know me….got an opinion on anything.  Shutting down the government left me cold.  Look at all the major scientific work that just had to be put on hold….some of it irreplaceable.

The first story for this week is episode 8 of Erin Bassett’s Clockwork, expect your fair share of weirdness in this episode.

Next I spend a moment reviewing the newest Star Trek movie Into the Darkness.  Very interesting movie and some very interesting topics to talk about.

And to finish the afternoon off, part 4 of Dean Giles, and yes the warning is in place for this episode as well.

Thanks for listening!


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