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Beam Me Up # 384 What Makes a Thirsty God …con – Van Hall




episode 384 of Beam Me Up is a very relaxed program this week.  After a short intro I play the theme music to the animated Iron Man.  From there I do a bit of Star Trek Trivia.  More general info instead of a specific program.  All in all though it was an informative section.

From there it is over to the Beam Me Up Blog for some of this weeks news.  Like comets visible  early in the morning, plus info on many of the excellent short films that is out this week alone!

Next, the MAVEN Mars Atmosphere exploration space craft is still go for launch this month.

ABC has ordered 9 new episodes of Agents of Shield!

Scientific data that indicates that extended spaceflight can be hazardous to many bodily functions!

Finally the conclusion to Van Hall’s What Makes a Thursty God on Fallons World?

Hope you enjoy this weeks program


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