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Beam Me Up # 386 Indigo Puree – Connley (Lee) Landers

Connley  Landers

Connley Landers











This week on BMU episode 386:

After a quick intro, I play Diver by Nico Touches the Wall after which I find some really good ST-tos online trivia.  I thought I had a pretty good handle on Star Trek trivia, but these were really cool facts.

Then it is over to the Beam Me Up blog.  Could 3d printing save over 100 million lab animals lives?  Also 3d printing could also mean many possibilities in ready made electronics, clothing the sky is the limit…check out the blog address.

The Russian space program is planning a trip to Mars’ moon Phobos and hopefully much more?

You have got to see the most amazing picture of Saturn taken by Cassini.

I bet you dont know who built the Apollo 11 moon eva suits.  It floored me!

What did the Milky Way look like in it’s infancy?  Astronomers use some pretty inventive methods to extrapolate the galaxies look billions of years ago.

After another musical interlude I read Lee Lander’s story Indigo Puree

That is about all for this weekend, I hope you enjoy this week’s program.


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