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Beam Me Up #392 Dark Inspectre #23 – Jason Kahn + A wonderous Gift pt1 – Doug Turnbull

Jason Kahn

Jason Kahn







And here we are the last episode of Beam Me Up for 2013.  I think, considering, that the program went well this year.  But back to what goes on with this program.

I start with one of my favorite pieces of anime music.  The Flame which is the opening music for Requiem for the Darkness.

Then Phil joins me as we honestly started to do Star Trek trivia but got off track as we found that many stars of Star Trek went on to star on Twilight Zone which I really have a soft spot for.  The episode we got off track on was TWO which was I think episode 66 staring Elizabeth Montgomery and Charles Bronson as two soldiers from opposite sides of the conflict.  One of my favs also. Then Terror at 20 thousand feet staring William Shatner which gave me nightmares for years.  lol  and we talk about some of the other episodes we enjoyed.

Then a new episode of the Dark Inspectre series…episode 23.  Things are not looking good for inspector Jack Garrett.

I then review the Will and Cypher Smith in their latest movie After Earth.

From the blog, new evac units that is truly something out of Terminator!

And finally part one of A Wondrous Gift by Doug Turnbull.

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