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Beam Me Up #404 Mad World – pt2 – Dean Geils

Dean Giles

Dean Giles











Hi and welcome to Beam Me Up.  This is number 404 and this week Steve Tuttle joins me once again to talk about what is new in the world of comics

But first I pay a bit of homage to Anime with the opening tune to Naruto: Shipuden

from the Beam Me Up Blog

Robonaut got legs….  So whats the chances of getting hit by a meteorite while skydiving?  Signals from Dark Matter? What’s up with Archie, or
comics in general?


Steve Tuttle joins us this week  for an update in the comic universe.

And I close the evening with part two of Dean Geils’ Mad World.

And that wraps up another weekend. Hope you enjoy this week’s offering!

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