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Beam Me Up #406 Dark Inspectre #25 – Kahn + Human Hunter – Scholes

David Scholes

David Scholes









Hey there! Welcome to Beam Me Up episode 406.  This week my opening comment reflect those of Kallimus who is constantly amazed at the capacity of the human animal for stupidity. I use his comments, posted on the Beam Me Up blog, as my opening comments.

I also discover that Dark Inspectre stories have been lacking.  So I take the latest installment that played back in December and play that in hopes that it jogs people’s memory and I will start with news installments as soon as I can get them from Mr. Kahn.

Then I move back to the blog for a few of the latest articles that have peaked my interest.

First is a review of a short film on YouTube called Payload…

Then a new product that the inventor says will be the end of food! And you will not believe what they call it!!!

ABC renews Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.!  Plus another surprise!

Finally Mr. Scholes changes gears slightly and brings us “Human Hunter” which is a departure from his Trathh series.

There is enough to entertain. I hope you find it as such.  Enjoy

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