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Beam Me Up # 407 Soldier of the Rorne – Schole + Life in Space – Anderson

David Scholes

David Scholes









Welcome to episode 407 of Beam Me Up.  This week I hit the “road” running.  After my initial opening comments I play a story from a new author Leslie Anderson.  Her story Life in Space highlights some conflicts in space from an unique viewpoint.

Then I wander over to the BMU blog to read a review and a full out rant by our #1 commenter Kallimus. Believe me, he is in good form this week!

Next I review a really good anime feature Summer Wars.

NASA has put three Moon lander concepts up for consideration for a lander that can do scientific work on the Moon in the near future.

I have some shot video of Space X doing a water landing after visiting the ISS.

I was shocked to find out how fast Jupiter’s Red Spot is shrinking.  Don’t panic, it won’t disapear anytime soon, but there will be a time soon it seems when there isn’t a huge red storm on the face of Jupiter!

And a team of scientists has created a working tractor beam buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut……

The final story of the afternoon is Soldier of the Rorne by David Scholes.

That’s the program for this week.  Hope you enjoy it.

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