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Beam Me Up # 414 Quest – Muzz + Wizards-bane-ch1- Crystalwizard











I play a piece of music from anime series shortly after my opening monologue.

The first piece of short fiction comes from the pen of Muzz called Quest which is one of the most twisted pieces I have read for some time.

From the Beam Me Up blog  Airbus has a patent for a windowless cocpit for future planes.

Researchers are working on a device that could help will a variety of brain damage syndromes.

Dave Scholes is offering his newest collection of short stories called Daughter of the High Lords on Amazon.

I review the newest Robocop remake.

CrystalWizard has let me read her newest series called  Sojourn Chronicle and we will be having all 6 books!  I start this week with book 1 chapter 1 part 1.  The Chronicle is good speculative fiction not only pure sci-fi but neither is is fantasy.

That does it for this week.  Enjoy

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