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Beam Me Up # 417 News, Music + pt1 Doubling Down On Dublee – Michael Juby



In this week’s opening comments, I marvel at what it takes to get an  automated craft to the outer planets, this was in reaction to the upcoming flyby of Pluto and the ESA craft that is fast closing on it’s  target comet and marveling at the time and effort that both experiments have had to undergo just to finish their tasks!

I break this flow with a really good music track “collide”. The music  itself is a great deal of fun but the strange baseball challenge that this cut is playing to is even more fun.  Podcast yes, but do take a  trip over to the blog @  I often don’t get a chance to read all the articles I have planned, so this would be a  good reason to take a jaunt over there.

Before I start with this week’s story, I take my own advice and go  looking for highlights on this week’s blog.

I make the suggestion to check out this month’s sky sighting over at for planets, moon phases and other planetary events.

After reading an article by Jesus Diaz writing for Gizmodo, was marveling at an astronaut floating 200 miles above the planet and I start a conversation of just this sort of amazing eye opener.

The Mars 2020 rover is getting interest and therefor a bit more news,  and news about the worlds largest rocket lifting platform.

Finally, part one of Michael Jube’s Doubling Down on Dublee

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