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brayan ortiz






I start off episode 459 by talking about assumption made about the possibility of life elsewhere in the Universe.

I play Chris Hadfields version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity.

I review the animated movie Home and the live action film
America Ultra.

The first story of the afternoon is a short by David Scholes and read by Ron Huber called Virtual Reality Traveling.

The last story is The Strange Side by Brayan Ortiz.








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jason kahn 3






I start off episode 458 with observations concerning stupid questions and even stupider answers by the political pundits vying for the office of the

My musical selection was A Glorious Dawn by Symphony of Science.

From the Beam Me Up blog  a couple of
new planets have been discovered, but don’t look for either to be life bearing.

I review “Terminator Genisis”

And close with episode 36 of Jason Kahn’s In Plain Sight

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milo james fowler

milo james fowler









episode 457 begins with a short discussion of the
ISS which segways into observations of Mars before
I take a short musical break with music frm

After the break I continue with a bit more Mars

I then discuss an article concerning the great work
that the probe Cassini is still doing around Saturn.

The final selection for the afternoon is Captain
Quazer by Milo James Fowler

















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Colin P. Davies

Colin P. Davies









Episode 456 was my Halloween episode which always incorporates Colin P, Davies’ classic tale Happy Halloween narrated by Kelly better known as Crystal Wizard.  I absolutely love this story which has a masterful twist at the end.

The first story is a treat as we don’t get to have stories narrated by Ron Huber.  The story is called the Benefactor written by David K. Scholes.

I start however with the movie Vice.  With Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane among others.

You can download, or simply play the episode by selecting HERE